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Adult Track Program

The online FVHS Adult Track Program (Age 18+ Only) is a streamlined yet comprehensive program featuring a blended exam and study guide that conveniently enables students to prepare for, and pass, the required exams at their pace and on their schedule (available online 365 days a year 24 hours a day). When ready, students can initiate a study or test section simply by selecting one of the five test sections below (in any order). When the student has passed all five tests, completed the electives assessment and passed a teacher graded, Five Paragraph Essay, they will immediately be eligible for program graduation.

If you are seeking the convenience of the General Equivalency Development (GED) program, but rather from the convenience and safety of your home, then the FVHS Adult Track program is your best option.

FVHS Adult Track vs GED ® Comparison

What Does The Adult Track Program Include?

The Five subject areas (equating to 250 questions) are listed in the chart below. Each test section includes an accompanying test and study guide relevant to the content of the corresponding test section. The study guide helps prepare each student to complete the test sections, but students are strongly encouraged to take the time and refresh their skills before starting any specific test section. When testing, students receive a random set of questions (all multiple choice except for the written essay) from the required categories listed below. Students can choose to take any test section at any time and at a pace that makes sense to the student. Students can study and begin testing when they are fully prepared and confident of success, or try a test section and then study specific areas which require additional proficiency and knowledge. Each student is permitted up to 3 proctored retests per year, but unlimited access to the study materials are available at all times.

Test Category 50 Questions per section - Test Curriculum
Language Arts - Reading Literacy, Non-Fiction
Language Arts - Writing Sentence Structure, Usage, Mechanics, Organization
Social Studies History, Economics, Geography, Civics & Government
Science Fundamentals Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science
Math Fundamentals Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Number Standards & Ops, Data Analysis
Five Paragraph Essay This section is written using our online essay editor interface.

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Is the Five Paragraph Essay Completed Online?

The entire test battery, including the exam, study guide, tools, and written essay, are provided online from the SSL secure student portal. Students will be instructed by the system to select a topic that they find interesting, such as a dream, a goal, a job, a family member, an event, an experience, a book or anything from our topic list which they may select from. Students MUST stay on the topic selected, and must display a high school level writing ability. Warning: Students will be expelled from the program without refund, should we detect any cheating or plagiarisms.

On the Essay Page students will be able to interactively compose (write/edit/proofread) their standard Five Paragraph Essay. Students must write a proper Five Paragraph Essay pass the program. Again, there is a study guide available for all sections of the exam, including the essay. The student grade is formulated based on a blended and normalized scale but does include a review of basic essay fundamentals including topic focus, readability, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. This can take a little time so we recommend that all students brush up on their essay writing skills before beginning the essay portion of the exam. Unlike the GED, we require students show proficiency in both writing and computer skills. Thus we expect students will submit an essay without spelling mistakes, without grammar mistakes, properly formatted, structure correct (guide), and thesis statement reflected consistency throughout the essay. We strongly encourage all students to use a system such as Grammarly.com to assist students with their essay proofreading and evaluation skills.

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When Am I Finished?

Test scores are available immediately for view after each section (and up to 3 retests per year, so we strongly encourage use of the study guide). Upon passing each of the five test categories with a score of 60% or greater and submitting the satisfactory Five Paragraph Essay, students will graduate from the FVHS Adult Track Program. Shipping of support documents is by 2nd day USPS (regular US mail carrier) and immediately access to our registrars office is available. We work with all students to assist them with their next step in the education process (college) or employment, and graduates enjoy many other value added benefits of being an FVHS graduate (see below).

What Is The Cost?

Please refer to our Pricing page for the most current information.
Included in this single fee are all study related materials/guides, testing and free re-testing options, support, and post graduate assistance.
Don't forget, you don't have to spend your precious time and gas driving around to complete this program, everything is 100% online.

Students Receive:

  • 250 Question Multiple Choice Exam on Five Subject Areas
  • 5 Paragraph Essay and Guide/Instructions
  • Integrated Study Guide/Materials
  • Optional Tutoring Service - $35/hour
  • Optional Adult Track Prep Course $185/month

Graduates Receive:

  • Graduation Documents
  • Transcripts of Scores/Grades
  • Graduate Services/Support 
  • College Options Research and Enrollment Suggestions
  • Free Resumé Creation Tool by 'ROOCS'
  • Free College Entrance exam guide (Previously ATB Prep)
  • Optional Credit Recovery Service (MyCreditUP)

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Please Note: The Franklin Virtual High School Adult Track Program is in full compliance with our accreditation agency (AdvancED policy on high school equivalency programs) & in full compliance with all local, State, Federal, FERPA, and Affiliate requirements. Graduation of the FHVS Adult Track program results in the issuance of completion documents recognized by major colleges, military, and employers.

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