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Are you seeking a trusted and fully accredited online high school designed to work around your needs?  Then you will love our 100% online classroom environment offering tutoring and live certified teaching staff and very low cost.  Enroll today and join the nearly 500,000 students who have successfully used our curriculum. Finally a school that lets you do things the way you want, when you want, and how you want.

FVHS High School Programs

Full Time – Transfer Previous Credits or Enroll as a Freshman: Want to get your high school diploma in a way that fits your lifestyle or individual needs? Earn your Diploma and Graduate High School by starting with or transferring to FVHS today. Our SACS accredited High School Diploma Program provides options based on you or your child’s needs and goals. FVHS students enjoy the flexibility of attending class on their schedule yet receiving live teaching support to assure success in reaching their goals. Plus, Franklin Virtual High School graduates stand high above the crowd by consistently scoring well above the national average on the ACT® & SAT® tests (option below).

Part Time – Credit Recovery or Independent Study: Take an Additional Class for your personal improvement goals or make up and incomplete, missed, or failed class.  Any class you complete at FVHS will be accepted by ALL regionally accredited public or private high schools (pre authorization required). If you need to recover a missed class or take Independent Study and want to attend online classes, whether for summer school from home, or during your regular school year after-hours, then get registered with FVHS today and realize your dreams quicker than you imagined.

Fast Track Program (Age 18+ Adults Only): This program is ideal for adults without the time to enroll in full time classes. That’s why we call it the “Fast Track” program. Simply the LOWEST COST program completed 100% online by a state registered and respected private school with a BBB A+ Rating. Learning material and study guides are provided for free in this program, and tests are entirely online. Let us help you quickly reach your goals and become a high school graduate much faster than a classroom environment would allow. Don’t settle…become a FAST TRACK program graduate in less time than it might take just to find a GED ® testing center, let alone the many hidden costs and time associated with it.

SAT®/ACT® Preparation or GED® Test Preparation: Prepare yourself for the GED®, SAT®, ACT® or your State Exit Exams with our Virtual Tutor courses. We feature a diagnostic pre-assessment and instructional course customized to your unique testing needs. Sign up today and have access to a cutting edge 100% online solution priced FAR below that of any other program you will find online. For one low price students have complete 24/7 access to these online classroom services. Compare with other schools that typically cost well over $700, yet offer no interactive or video presentation capabilities, and FVHS will be your obvious choice.


 Joy in San Antonio   : “This is a great program for a single mom like me!”…..    Ebony from Virginia  : “I spent money on another online program that took me no where! Thank you FVHS I really needed your program!” …..     James in New York  : “I need a program that will stand behind me when I graduate. That is why I like FVHS!” …..   Brinda in Charlotte   : “I found your system very easy to navigate and understand! The test was a challenge if I didn’t study first…” …..    Evelyn, Bronx, NY  : “I was going to classes on Saturday because I work. There was no flexibility I had to fit my life around their schedule. Getting up early and driving, being at their location and not being able to do things I needed on my only real day off! This program fits my life so much better!” …..     Lisa in Philly  : “They called me at 2 pm they said they will accept the diploma, we are going tomorrow at 11 am to see if we can get in the school. Thanks so much for your program and then your support after I graduated!” …..

IMPORTANT FVHS ADULT HIGH SCHOOL FAST TRACK PROGRAM INFORMATION: Franklin Virtual Schools Fast Track Program is in compliance with our accreditation agency, AdvancED, high school equivalency program guidelines. The FVS program results in the issuance of a completion package that is similar in appearance to our Traditional program documents. 

IMPORTANT GED INFORMATION: It is not possible to receive a GED® or a Free GED® online. A GED® must be taken at a local testing center and can cost (when all added up) in excess of $100 to $500 so you should be cautious when working with a program promoting a “Free GED®”! The FVHS Adult High School FAST TRACK Program is offered as a private school alternative to taking the GED® test. The FVHS Adult High School FAST TRACK program is offered exclusively by Franklin Virtual Schools (FL School Choice #5466). If you are ready to earn your high school diploma or certificate online please consider one of our programs. 

SAT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, the SAT® Prep program offered by Franklin Virtual High School . 

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED® Testing Service LLC under license. This material [or content] is not endorsed or approved by ACE or GED® Testing Service. This practice test is not related to the Official GED® Practice Test™ produced and distributed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the GED® Testing Service. ACE and GED® Testing Service LLC have not approved, authorized, endorsed, been involved in the development of, or licensed the substantive content of this practice test.


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