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An Accelerated Solution for Our Adult Students (18+)

How Does It Work?

Cap   and Diploma

Franklin Virtual Schools is a private school program with both a national and global student population. The FVHS Fast Track Program is offered only to our adult students (18+) providing a streamlined yet comprehensive alternative to receiving a High School diploma. It features an interactive study guide to enable you to prepare and then complete the test in sections; conveniently based your schedule needs (available 365 days a year 24 hours a day)! Our goal is simple...YOUR SUCCESS! Naturally, that ultimately depends on you, but our team is with you from start to finish! When you are ready you can start any test section simply by selecting the desired category, then proceed through the required test proctor identification process and take the test. Study and re-take any test as you require. (A new version of the test is presented each time). It is that simple!

What is in the Program?

The study guide contains all material covered in the required categories listed below (except the essay). The study guide will help prepare you to complete each section of the test, but you must take the time to learn! Your future is worth it so get started today. Many students are able to complete the program quickly, others take more time but all will benefit from the confidence they gain by completing the Fast Track Program. .

Test Category Test Curriculum
Language Arts - Writing
Sentence Structure, Usage, Mechanics, Organization
Language Arts - Reading
Literacy, Non-Fiction
Language Arts - Essay
Written Essay From a Self-Selected Topic
Social Studies
History, Economics, Geography, Civics & Government
Math Fundamentals
Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Number Standards & Ops, Data Analysis
Science Fundamentals
Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science

How does the essay work?

Again it is very simple. You will be instructed by the system to select a topic that you find interesting or maybe have a passion for. It can be one of ours or you could select something about life. It can be about a dream, a goal, a job, a family member, an event, an experience, a book or anything that you feel you can demonstrate your basic writing ability because you have reasonable knowledge about the topic.

On the Essay Page you will be able to interactively enter (write/edit) a 5 paragraph essay. Complete instructions, including a YouTube Video are provided to help you. Your assigned facilitator will review your work along the way and upon receiving notice you are finished. Your grade is formulated based on a blended and normalized scale but does include a review of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.. This can take a little time so we recommend you work on it before you are ready to enter it into the system. As a note, most students say this is the most memorable experience of the program!

So When Am I Finished?

Upon passing each of the test categories with a score of 60 or greater and submitting the essay you have written for review you are "functionally" complete. Your test scores are available immediately for view after each section (and you can retake these until you feel you have reached a score that truly reflects your ability). Your essay will be reviewed within one (1) business day and any issues will be communicated to you. The essay score will be combined with the individual scores and with an overall score of 60 or greater you will be notified that you have reached the required levels to receive your completion certificates. Shipping of your certificates takes just a few days depending on your address. Congratulations, and remember many of our Adult Students already possess the knowledge and practical experience needed to complete the program. With a little practice in each test category you should be able to complete this program in a matter of days to weeks!

OK, So what is the cost again?

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Traditional Program

Traditional Education Solutions Presented 100% Online

Describe the programs and program standards!

Cap   and Diploma

FVHS offers two traditional (yet 100% Online) programs and each are aligned to the Florida Department of Education High School Standards including practice for the FCAT (view FL Standards). We serve individuals from all US states and territories and many other diverse regions of the world! Our programs are differentiated based on our students goals. If you (or your child) are interested in completing high school and getting directly into the job market or attending a vocational, trade school or possibly a community college then our CAREER PREP DIPLOMA program is right for you. If you are going to pursue a path that involves attending a major university then our COLLEGE PREP DIPLOMA program is right for you. FVHS offers these programs for grades 9-12 in conjunction with our curriculum partner Education 2020. Each program is available for those simply in need of "recovering missed credit" (recovery) or those seeking a true alternative to current physical private or public school options.

FVHS differentiates itself with a fee structure that is simply uncommon in the industry! We feature a single monthly fee based structure regardless of how many courses you are taking! This model rewards success and will greatly reduce the overall cost of your education as you finish ahead of the "traditional curve"! In today's difficult times, saving time and money is important... especially when you do not sacrifice program quality in the process!

Explain what you mean by "Recovery"

Many of our students are 18 and over and have already completed most of the required courses for completing high school. They need to get a “refresher” course on some subjects and then need to finish a course (or two or three) or sometimes a full semester. They should not be forced to “start over”!  That is where the FVHS Online High School Recovery Program helps our students reach their goals in a practical and expedient way!  Simply enroll, identify the current credits you have completed and let our facilitator take it from there! Receiving your High School Diploma is finally within sight!   

Home School Alternative

FVHS is a private school and features a quality education and 100% web-based alternative in this growing segment!  Did you know that 27% of the 2009 Stanford freshmen class were home schooled?  If you desire the flexibility for home schooling let FVHS help you reach your goals for yourself or your child. In partnership with Education 2020, FVHS will deliver the quality, flexibility and professional support needed. Our facilitator and tutor programs will assure you or your child receive the materials, insight, instruction and support to prepare for a bright future. Our program includes ACT, SAT and other critical practice components. FVHS wants to be “home school” partner!   

Who is Franklin Virtual Schools

Franklin Virtual Schools is a virtual school program offered in conjunction with other education preparation and personal development programs though ESP Learning Systems (ESPL). Franklin Virtual High School is the first of many online programs that will assist our customers and students in defining their abilities and goals then developing the skills needed to achieve them, one by one!  ESPL leadership have years of experience in business and education and are setting the example for all online programs as we focus on our most valuable assets – Our Satisfied and Successful Student Body!

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