GED® Test Preparation Program
  • Includes Practices Tests Based on GED® 2014 Test
  • Includes Integrated, "In-Session", Unlimited Tutoring
  • Program Completed 100% Online, Accessible 24/7
  • Includes All Materials, Instruction, Study Guides
  • Pre-assessment Creates Focused Learning Path
  • Target Completion Time Is Under 90 Days

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Facts About Taking the GED® (Release 2014)

The new GED® test for 2014 is not easy, especially if you have been out of the classroom environment for some time. However, you can do it, especially with the right program and FVHS team support. You could purchase individual assessment tests from the official GED ®online store or a complete package of assessments and online practice tests for about $169. When you finish that program, however, you will just know "what you don't know". You are then on your own to purchase tutoring or classroom instruction necessary to truly learn the required material. Remember, if your goal is college, you need to know this material to succeed in the next school program you take. FVHS graduates reach their ultimate goals fast.

Franklin Virtual High School GED ®Preparation Program includes all assessment testing, optimized learning paths, integrated instruction and tutoring support, and offers an exceptional online alternative to any program you will find (online or offline). With FVHS, you will immediately focus on just what you need, study at your own pace and be ready for the 2014 GED ® test in less time than any other option.

FVHS adult high school students all have the same objective. They need to receive a recognized high school credential to find a better job, attend a college or trade school program and secure a better life for their families. If this describes you, you are in good hands. At FVHS, we know exactly what you need, and we are here to help you in the fastest time and at the lowest cost.

FVHS is a recognized leader in high school solutions. FVHS has thousands of happy adult high school program graduates. Supporting adult high school program students is one of our specialties. If you are over 18, supporting a family, struggling to keep a good job, or finally ready to position yourself for a great career, we will help you in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, and with the most support of any program in the is that simple.

Contact us now to learn more about why we believe our 90-day, GED ® Preparation path is right for you. Learn more about why this program will get you on your way faster and at the lowest cost of any program. Find out why "free" programs are "enticing" but fall way short of providing you the convenience, flexibility and critically needed learning support that the FVHS programs will provide.

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IMPORTANT GED INFORMATION: It is not possible to receive a GED® or a Free GED® online. The GED® Test must be taken at a local testing center.

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED® Testing Service LLC under license. This material [or content] is not endorsed or approved by ACE or GED® Testing Service. This practice test is not related to the Official GED® Practice Test™ produced and distributed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the GED® Testing Service. ACE and GED® Testing Service LLC have not approved, authorized, endorsed, been involved in the development of, or licensed the substantive content of this practice test.

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