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FVHS is a regionally accredited school with SACS accreditation.  Our programs are recognized nationally and our high school (grades 9-12) curriculum is aligned to the state of Florida Department of Education High School Standards. While the majority of our students are U.S. based, we serve students globally. If you (or your child) are interested in completing high school, preparing for a better job or college education and looking for a 100% online solution with many benefits? Then we have a program for you.

FVHS offers education solutions to directly meet your unique needs:

  • Teen and Adult Students Seeking an Online High School Program; 
  • High School Students (or Parent) Seeking to Home School or Take Online High School Classes;
  • Students Looking To Accelerate or Recover Needed Classes;
  • Students Seeking To prepare for the ACT/SAT/State Exit Exam/GED/Military Enlistment Tests.

If any of these describe you, then FVHS has your solution. Enroll online or contact us today at (888) 990-FVHS and let FVHS get you on the road to success!  Click HERE for an example video of our program.



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