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SAT - ACT Test Preparation

The FVHS SAT & ACT Prep Course will Help You Score High!

Franklin Virtual High School offers a full-featured, interactive test preparation program to maximize your SAT or ACT assessment test scores. Want to be accepted to the best schools in the U.S.?  Get started today using the best online fully interactive Prep program available.

As a unique feature, the FVHS Test Preparation Programs include video lectures incorporated in the 100% online program package.  The coursework for each subject area includes video lecture, vocabulary, online content, journaling, practice/homework, section and final quizzes.  Courses provide concrete examples that mirror university entrance and state graduation exams.

The system is available 24/7 so you can prepare and practice in your space, at your pace.  Franklin Virtual High School provides complete programs for one monthly fee of $143 compared to the $500 to $700 charged for lower quality, less accessible programs elsewhere. Prepare yourself for the SAT, ACT or other state exit exams with the FVHS Test Prep Virtual Tutor courses.  A diagnostic pre-assessment will ensure that the program is customized to your individual testing needs.

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