About FVHS

FVHS offers a complete range of high school, assessment and education services

Vision and Mission Statement

Develop a community of motivated individuals that applies learning to make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities.


Provide quality, flexible, cost-effective education options to help students achieve their personal, educational and career goals.


Futuristic Visionary Honorable Scholars


Motivation starts from within and is accelerated by results. FVHS students know achievement in any aspect is just a personal decision away. FVHS provides the necessary environment, tools, support system and mentors for converting goals into continuous success.

As we become a leader in "Back to the Basics" principles, FVHS will establish a partnership with our student body by delivering consistent, efficient and embedded learning systems on a best time and cost basis. As a team, we assure an individually supportive environment for students to achieve their personal, educational or professional goals, and realize their full potential.

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