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Are you an adult needing a high school diploma? An Accredited School
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Looking for an online high school diploma program? We have helped thousands of adults graduate high school and move on with their lives. At FVHS our programs are accessible entirely online including free interactive study guides, free retests, and free proctor options. Don't limit yourself to NOT having a diploma because you dropped out of high school. Our staff will help you with study materials and support to help you become a successful graduate. And once you graduate, our student support team will be here to ensure college and employment acceptance.

More details: Are you in need of a high school diploma online? Or perhaps you are considering an Online GED Test option? Do you need a High School with Accreditation that is recognized by the Dept. of Education and accepted by all colleges and employers? Then all of our FVHS programs, which are delivered 100% online and supported by our nurturing staff, are perfect for you to finish and graduate high school. Don't waste time driving around or waiting for study materials and books in the mail. Get started today so you can finally call yourself a high school graduate. Our Fast Track certificate program covers all 5 major study areas including Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading,Writing and essay sections. With the included study materials and self paced testing platform, you could be a graduate by this time next month!

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  • Lifetime Graduate Support
  • Online/Fax/Document support
  • Free Resumé creation tool
  • Free College Entrance Prep Tool

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