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No Diploma or GED...No Problem, ATB Prep Will Get You Accepted Fast!

There are many reasons for not graduating high school!  However, you may not need to go back and complete it from where you left off.  In most states, to start community college you do not need a high school diploma at all!  FVHS has two great alternatives for you that are 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back!  If community college is your goal, FVHS will prepare you to pass the college entrance exam test (called the Ability-To-Benefit or ATB test).  Other common names for this exam are Accuplacer, Asset, Compass, Wonderlic, etc..  This is required by colleges and trade schools in most states if you do not have your diploma.  Click here to learn if you live in a state that accepts passing ATB scores for college admission.

IIf you want more, complete our Fast Track program and receive your graduation certificates as a FVHS High School Graduate.  However the ATB Prep Program could be perfect for your situation, location and schedule. It can save you hundreds of dollars and take pointless prerequisete classes when you can start community college fast.  With our 100% Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose.
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