10 Study Tips To GED Success

The GED test is challenging, but not impossible. In fact, if you follow a few simple tips when taking the GED, you will greatly lower your stress level and make it much easier to concentrate on the questions. Millions of people have taken the GED, and the following list of suggestions is based on feedback from many of them. Don’t feel as though you have to follow each one to the letter, but do make an effort at using the ones that work for you.

1. Get stress under control. Whether that means doing deep breathing exercises or yoga for a few minutes every day, or just meditating briefly before or after each study session, research has proven that regular mini-relaxation sessions go a long way toward taking the edge off of test day.

2. Don’t hesitate to take the exam again. In fact, if you allow your brain to envision a second exam attempt, the first one will not be such a huge demand on your nervous system.

3. Build a couple recreation days into your study calendar, days when you do not look at the material at all. Go to a movie, to the beach, or take a long walk. The brain needs these short vacations to recover from the heavy demands it is facing.

4. Don’t be afraid to memorize certain pieces of information. No need to go overboard, but certain kinds of exam material lend themselves to memorization. And again, the human brain likes diversity. A bit of memorization here and there breaks up the study routine and allows your mind to breathe.

5. Create or join a study group. It’s free and is maybe the most important of all these suggestions. The power of people helping other people cannot be underestimated.

6. Get acquainted with the exam format. Even before taking a practice test, just sit down and spend some time looking at the way the whole thing is set up.

7. Take a few practice tests, not timing yourself at first. Later, do a couple timed dry runs. This will certainly remove a lot of stress from test day.

8. Find a GED prep class and sign up, such as the Test Preparation Program available online at FranklingVirtualSchools.com. These prep programs can be done at your convenience, from your own home, and can greatly increase your chances of passing the first time.

9. Get some books that are designed to help you prepare for the exam.

10. There are lots of online resources for GED prep, so be sure to check the Internet for all the free materials, advice, and tips as well as for several programs that cost little and greatly help you prepare.

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