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Diplomas and Degrees Equal Better Jobs – Part 2

Economic Advantage to Some Postsecondary Education.

In the prior post, we took a look at recent Georgetown University Study which found that obtaining a high school diploma adds 33 percent more to your lifetime earnings.  The Georgetown study also takes a look at the advantages to having some postsecondary education.

Even if you do not earn your four-year degree, the study shows that having some postsecondary education adds nearly one quarter of a million dollars to lifetime earnings.  Annual earnings rise to $38,700 in comparison to those with a high school diploma, who earn $32,600 annually.  This is $18.69 per hour for those with some secondary education as compared to $15.67 per hour for those with a high school diploma.

Getting an Associate’s degree adds another bump of nearly $200,000 in lifetime earnings.  At $43,000 a year, those with Associate’s degrees earn nearly one-third more than those with a high school diploma.  This is $20.77 per hour.

These numbers demonstrate conclusively the advantage of some post-secondary education even without obtaining a 4-year degree.  This is encouraging news and should help motivate individuals to continue their education beyond high school because even if you fall short of achieving a four-year degree, you will still increase your earning potential.

If the increased lifetime earnings of a post-secondary degree appeal to you, and you haven’t attained your high school diploma yet, then let’s get started.  Franklin Virtual Schools Fast Track program can help you complete high school fast!

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Blue Martini “Gives Back” by hosting a fundraising and general awareness event for E.A.R.N. (Educational Assistance Resources Network)

Addressing the education needs of “life challenged” teens and low income individuals/families will be the backdrop at Blue Martini on March 7th, 2013.  With a strong entertainment lineup including Chris Parker with 98.7 The Peak, Duffy King of the Crown Kings, and various local and national celebrities, it will be more than just an opportunity to give to a great cause.  Those attending will want to get there at 5PM sharp to take advantage of the drink and appetizer offers, incredible silent auction products/services array and to pick up their live auction bidder’s paddle!  Included in the live auction, being held around 7PM, will be exclusive club golf packages, a week’s stay at Bison Ranch, a private jet trip and hotel stays in Vegas, a ski package weekend including lift tickets for four at Heavenly Ski Resort and a special feature including a hosted dinner to be served exclusively by some of the Metro area’s finest firefighters.

E.A.R.N. (Educational Assistant Resources Network), was founded to assist low-income individuals/families and “life challenged” teens reach critical education milestones. John Martin, General Partner at Blue Martini Phoenix, found out about this organization and was ready to offer his full backing.  “I was aware of the high school dropout statistics for our country, but not as educated on the reasons why,” states Mr. Martin.  “Helping E.A.R.N. help struggling teens is simply a no-brainer,” he concludes.  Leeann Verret, of Prospect Mortgage (an event sponsor) agrees. “I truly relate to the struggles of single mothers trying to get on track by going back to school to provide a better life for their family.  I am anxious to see the impact that our “Single Mother Centerpiece” donations will make for them.”

To recap, Blue Martini “Gives Back” will be held on March 7th, 2013, from 5PM to approximately 7:30PM.

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Diplomas and Degrees Equal Better Jobs – Increased Pay

This will be a multi-part series examining the differences in jobs and lifetime earning differences for each type of diploma and/or degrees.

A recent study coming out of Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce finds that earning power is increasingly tied to education.  Over a 40-year career, those who did not earn a high school diploma or GED® are expected to bring in $973,000, which translates into slightly more than $24,000 a year.  This is $11.70 per hour.  Obtaining a high school diploma adds 33 percent more to lifetime earnings.  The average annual earnings of people with a high school diploma are $32,600.  This is 15.67 per hour.  This study reveals that clearly the economic penalty for not finishing high school is steep – almost $9,000 a year.  I think this is something that common-sense wise we all knew, but to actually see the dollar amounts attached to it is very eye-opening.  If you do not have your high school diploma or GED®, maybe seeing this report coming out of Georgetown University will help motivate you to take that first step to complete your high school education.  A better job with higher pay awaits you!

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Franklin Virtual High School Approved to use GED® Trademark

The GED® Testing Service is a well-known institution that has been around since 1942.  In recent years with the proliferation of fraudulent online schools, they have become very aggressive in defending the use of their GED® trademark.  Franklin Virtual High School has become the first school that the GED® Testing Service has approved to use the GED® trademark on our website and marketing materials under a new program.  At Franklin an accredited online school, we offer GED® Test preparation classes as well as our Fast Track High School completion program.

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New Year’s Resolution-Complete High School-Get a Better Job

Welcome to the Year 2013! Each New Year brings us the opportunity for a new beginning.  It’s a time to set some personal goals and to reorder priorities.  Perhaps this is the year for you to move forward with that ongoing desire you have had to complete your high school education or to attain your GED or High School equivalency.  This goal is within your reach. Enhancing your educational achievements can help you land a better job with higher income.  Franklin has programs available to you to help you reach this goal and to help guide and assist you every step of the way. Take a look at their programs like Fast Track and GED Test Preparation. Only you can take that first step to turn your goal into a reality.  Make 2013 your year!

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The Gift of Education

It’s Christmastime again!  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with gift ideas.  Candy is gone within a few days, shoes wear out, and electronics become outdated.  Sometimes it is nice to think out-of-the box. What about giving the gift of education to someone you care about?  There are many reasons why your loved ones may not have been able to complete their high school education.  You could give them the gift of GED prep classes, Fast Track High School classes or even SAT or ACT prep classes for college. This gift and your encouragement could be just what your loved one needs to help them move forward and accomplish their goals.  It will not only help their confidence but will open up additional job opportunities.  This year, why not give them a gift that will continue to bless them throughout their lifetime!

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Twinkies®! Ho Ho’s®! Ding Dongs®! – High School Diplomas

What do these childhood favorites have to do with an online high school?  Well, our friends at Franklin Virtual Schools got a call last week from an out-of-work Hostess employee.  They laid off 18,500 workers when they shut their doors, not to mention the devastation that they are causing children (and, actually, some adults) who no longer have their Twinkies!

This former Hostess employee told Franklin that he had never completed his High School Diploma because he felt he had a secure job. Unfortunately, he was wrong and now he needs the diploma to interview and compete for a good job.  Well, he came to the right place by calling Franklin and he won’t be alone.

Even if you think your job is secure, you’re content, and it doesn’t really matter that you weren’t able to complete your high school education, it might be a good time to reassess that position and give some thought to completing it.  That way if the job you thought would always be there for you ends up disappearing quickly and unexpectedly, you can be prepared for the next step.

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