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The Gift of Education

It’s Christmastime again!  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with gift ideas.  Candy is gone within a few days, shoes wear out, and electronics become outdated.  Sometimes it is nice to think out-of-the box. What about giving the gift of education to someone you care about?  There are many reasons why your loved ones may not have been able to complete their high school education.  You could give them the gift of GED prep classes, high school classes or even SAT or ACT prep classes for college. This gift and your encouragement could be just what your loved one needs to help them move forward and accomplish their goals.  It will not only help their confidence but will open up additional job opportunities.  This year, why not give them a gift that will continue to bless them throughout their lifetime!

The School Mom

New Year’s Resolution-Complete High School-Get a Better Job

Welcome to the Year 2013! Each New Year brings us the opportunity for a new beginning.  It’s a time to set some personal goals and to reorder priorities.  Perhaps this is the year for you to move forward with that ongoing desire you have had to complete your high school education or to attain your GED or High School equivalency.  This goal is within your reach. Enhancing your educational achievements can help you land a better job with higher income.  Franklin has programs available to you to help you reach this goal and to help guide and assist you every step of the way. Take a look at their programs like Fast Track and GED Test Preparation. Only you can take that first step to turn your goal into a reality.  Make 2013 your year!

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The School Mom

SCAM Alert – Online GED Testing Fraud

Last week I blogged about an Online Diploma Scam and now I need to notify you of a second one.  A lawsuit was filed against Amjad Pervaiz, Asif Sarwar Safi and AZM Technologies for operating 32 websites that fraudulently offered GED test credentials. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York by GED Testing Services and the American Council on Education.  The federal judge granted an award of $6 million in damages, ordered the websites shut down, and ordered that all Internet domains utilized in this scheme be transferred to GED Testing Services.  The judge also imposed an injunction allowing swift action to be taken by GED Testing Services if additional fraudulent websites are discovered. Some of the url’s that these fraudulent schools have been operating under include:,,, Sunshine High School,  They may attempt to relaunch under new url’s so everyone needs to always proceed with caution and remember that GED tests can only be given at an Official GED testing center.

Landmark Victory for Adult Learners

Unfortunately, because the online scammers are operating outside of the U.S. and utilizing overseas banks, it is doubtful that any of the $6 million will be recovered.  But the lawsuits will at least bring heightened awareness to this global diploma mill scam and will aid in educating the public.  It is important to remember that the GED test cannot be taken online, but must be taken in person at an official GED Testing Center.

What is a GED?

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to complete high school.  This can cause problems for individuals as they look for job opportunities and try to carve out their career paths. The GED®, General Equivalency Development, test was created with those individuals in mind.  Successfully passing the GED® test will certify that a person has attained high-school level academic skills. Originally, this test was created to help soldiers returning from World War II to join the civilian work force.  According to Wikipedia, “One in every seven Americans with high school credentials received the GED® test credential, as well as one in 20 college students.”  So if you were not able to complete high school and need your GED®, you are not alone!

One thing that can be surprising to some people is that you are not able to test for the GED® online.    The tests are administered by your state’s Department of Education and you must go to an Official GED® Testing Center.  Usually these testing centers are at community colleges, public schools, or adult education centers. If you are disabled in any way, you may be able to receive reasonable testing accommodations so don’t be afraid to ask. The cost of the test varies state to state. If you have any questions about the GED® please see this series of YouTube Videos from GED Testing Service® an official site of the American Council on Education (ACE).

The GED® test is comprised of five parts – Language Arts/Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts/Reading, and Mathematics. There are great test preparation materials available online.   Franklin Virtual High School has an online GED® Test Preparation Program, (as well as an alternative to the GED®  that we call Online High School “Fast Track” that follows the same equivalency standards as the GED®), it first takes you through a diagnostic pretest so that you can skip the material you already know and focus on the areas that need improvement. It includes video lectures, online content, interactive vocabulary sections, journaling, practice homework and a final quiz. If you feel you have most of the skills and just want to take GED® practice tests, Franklin Virtual Schools has an online program available for that as well.   There is help available and you CAN successfully pass the GED®!


The School Mom Discusses Online High School – GED Options

Hello, I am “The School Mom” and I have been invited to blog in the coming months for Franklin Virtual Schools.  I am a mom with two school-age children and understand how sometimes navigating the education options for them can be downright confusing.  Many of these options are not just for children, but also for adults who need to continue or complete their education. Over the coming months I will help bring more understanding to some of the available options like GED preparation, online high school, SAT/ACT test preparation, ASVAB test preparation, and homeschooling.

Because there are many myths and inaccurate information floating around the Internet about these options, each week I will be blogging in more detail on each topic to help guide you to the best choice for you or your children. In addition to understanding and choosing the right educational option, I will also be covering how to choose an accredited online school. 

I look forward to chatting with you next week, where I will be discussing the GED process.  Thanks for coming along with me!

Summer travel is not a problem for FVHS students! Online high school classes could be your answer this summer?

Where has the “summer vacation” gone?  There was a time when summer vacation (from school) was exactly that!  We would visit family, friends or our favorite places to unwind and give ourselves that long awaited break!  Unfortunately, more and more students today are attending summer school to help recover missed or failed classes, or to get a head start on the next school year.   OK…it sounds “unkewl” but it doesn’t mean you can’t still make that family trip or get that summer job.  You just need to take a look virtual classroom opportunities so you have the flexibility you need to get the best of both worlds!

Brick and mortar schools offer classes during the summer that are typically based on the teacher’s or school’s goals not your needs for travel or making some money during your break!  So consider a virtual school program like the ones offered by Franklin Virtual High School.   No matter where you are or what time you need to “enter class,” a virtual high school (or often known as online high school) classroom is accessible to you.  If you have your laptop you can jump into class when it makes sense for you.  If grandmother lives near a library, then you can log-in and complete class and make it back just in time to enjoy some of her incredible apple pie!

Taking high school classes online this summer can give you the flexibility to travel, work, relax and you do it from your vantage point not the school’s!  If you are considering a virtual high school please make sure to do a little “due diligence!”  Not all schools and certainly not all online high schools are “created equally.”  Also, make sure the school is “not out for the summer” because summer always goes by quickly and you may need a little support or tutoring!

It’s tough enough today being a teen, so if you need to clear your head and get something accomplished before the new school year, virtual high school classes just may be your solution.

Are you a non-traditional student?

Are you employed or do you have children and are you more than 25-years old? If so, chances are you are considered a non-traditional student when it comes to college. There are so many individuals who are 25 or older who are pursuing their GEDs and colleges are doing their best to cater to these adult students aka non-traditional students. Whether you’re looking to earn your GED or go for a more advanced degree, schools and colleges are doing their best to work with you to help you achieve these goals.

Economic downturns could be the reason you’ve decided to go back to college to earn your GED, or perhaps you’re just looking to get ahead in your current career and feel a degree could help you out. Due to the rising numbers of unemployed individuals, colleges are seeing an influx of non-traditional adult learners. If you think about the fact that also with the rising number of unemployed individuals, potential employers have access to a larger pool of potential candidates for hiring, you could need a GED to simply make yourself stand out from the competition. If you’re working in an industry that is seeking cutbacks and layoffs, a higher degree of education can make you stand out among your peers, so make certain your supervisors know you are going back to college to earn a degree.

Whether you dropped out of high school for financial or family reasons, there is no reason you can’t go back to college as a non traditional student to earn you’re your GED. Even colleges and online programs are offering classes both in person or virtual for individuals who want to earn their higher degree or GED, respectively. If you’re working full time you should be able to find a program that will work around your work schedule by offering classes either at night or on weekends.

Individuals who work full-time and are juggling commuting with family responsibilities and full time work find that online learning for their GED is the way to go. Online learning allows you to log into the computer and take classes at your leisure.

If you’re a traditional or a non-traditional student, you may still qualify for financial aid in the form of grants or loans to secure the financing for your GED enrollment. Pursuing your GED might help you advance in your current career and may make it easier to find new employment if you’ve been downsized.