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ICEF Miami 2016

Franklin Sponsors ICEF Miami

Last week Franklin staff traveled to Miami Beach, Florida, for an education conference. Hosted by ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs), the conference was a fantastic opportunity for Franklin to get the word out about our diverse range of educational programs. ICEF brings together education agents and programs from 140 countries, providing the aagents with valuable information about programs.

“ICEF brings together international educators, industry service providers and carefully screened student recruitment agents at networking events around the world, helping them to create strategic partnerships and increase international student enrollments.”

Franklin staff attending the event included David Hooser (President & CEO), Brian Elmer (Director of Student Services), and Kevin Miller (Director of Marketing). They conducted one-on-one meetings with agents, demonstrated our educational programs and apps, and answered questions. They also attended numerous networking events, seminars, and workshops. Our booth in Miami (along with an earlier ICEF event in Berlin) were a fantastic success, and a great way to wrap up 2016.

Our mission to offer affordable, accredited, flexible online education to students of all ages continues into 2017 and beyond. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs, educational model, etc. With over 300 classes, we are able to offer a customized learning experience to each and every student – Anytime, anywhere.

Contact us at:


(880) 990-3847 to learn more today!


On-Demand Tutoring – New Feature

We are proud to offer unlimited, on-demand tutoring in all core subject areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) at the touch of a button!

Simply click on “Student Support” at the top-right corner of your classroom screen, and a chat window will appear with a subject-specific, expert tutor who is ready to assist you. There is no need to make an appointment, leave your computer, or wait around for a response to your questions.

Our On-Demand FVHS tutors will:

  • Provide immediate, specific assistance in any core subject class (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies)
  • Perform concept demonstrations using web conferencing and interactive whiteboard tools
  • Review your work and provide remediation guidance and tutoring
  • Be available during convenient support hours (7 am to 11 pm EST, Monday through Saturday)
  • Provide help with technical issues

Give it a try, and please let us know what you think!


The Gift of Education

It’s Christmastime again!  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with gift ideas.  Candy is gone within a few days, shoes wear out, and electronics become outdated.  Sometimes it is nice to think out-of-the box. What about giving the gift of education to someone you care about?  There are many reasons why your loved ones may not have been able to complete their high school education.  You could give them the gift of GED prep classes, high school classes or even SAT or ACT prep classes for college. This gift and your encouragement could be just what your loved one needs to help them move forward and accomplish their goals.  It will not only help their confidence but will open up additional job opportunities.  This year, why not give them a gift that will continue to bless them throughout their lifetime!

The School Mom

Diplomas and Degrees Equal Better Jobs – Part 2

Economic Advantage to Some Postsecondary Education.

In the prior post, we took a look at recent Georgetown University Study which found that obtaining a high school diploma adds 33 percent more to your lifetime earnings.  The Georgetown study also takes a look at the advantages to having some postsecondary education.

Even if you do not earn your four-year degree, the study shows that having some postsecondary education adds nearly one quarter of a million dollars to lifetime earnings.  Annual earnings rise to $38,700 in comparison to those with a high school diploma, who earn $32,600 annually.  This is $18.69 per hour for those with some secondary education as compared to $15.67 per hour for those with a high school diploma.

Getting an Associate’s degree adds another bump of nearly $200,000 in lifetime earnings.  At $43,000 a year, those with Associate’s degrees earn nearly one-third more than those with a high school diploma.  This is $20.77 per hour.

These numbers demonstrate conclusively the advantage of some post-secondary education even without obtaining a 4-year degree.  This is encouraging news and should help motivate individuals to continue their education beyond high school because even if you fall short of achieving a four-year degree, you will still increase your earning potential.

If the increased lifetime earnings of a post-secondary degree appeal to you, and you haven’t attained your high school diploma yet, then let’s get started.  Franklin Virtual Schools Fast Track program can help you complete high school fast!

The School Mom…

New Year’s Resolution-Complete High School-Get a Better Job

Welcome to the Year 2013! Each New Year brings us the opportunity for a new beginning.  It’s a time to set some personal goals and to reorder priorities.  Perhaps this is the year for you to move forward with that ongoing desire you have had to complete your high school education or to attain your GED or High School equivalency.  This goal is within your reach. Enhancing your educational achievements can help you land a better job with higher income.  Franklin has programs available to you to help you reach this goal and to help guide and assist you every step of the way. Take a look at their programs like Fast Track and GED Test Preparation. Only you can take that first step to turn your goal into a reality.  Make 2013 your year!

Until next week….

The School Mom

Twinkies®! Ho Ho’s®! Ding Dongs®! – High School Diplomas

What do these childhood favorites have to do with an online high school?  Well, our friends at Franklin Virtual Schools got a call last week from an out-of-work Hostess employee.  They laid off 18,500 workers when they shut their doors, not to mention the devastation that they are causing children (and, actually, some adults) who no longer have their Twinkies!

This former Hostess employee told Franklin that he had never completed his High School Diploma because he felt he had a secure job. Unfortunately, he was wrong and now he needs the diploma to interview and compete for a good job.  Well, he came to the right place by calling Franklin and he won’t be alone.

Even if you think your job is secure, you’re content, and it doesn’t really matter that you weren’t able to complete your high school education, it might be a good time to reassess that position and give some thought to completing it.  That way if the job you thought would always be there for you ends up disappearing quickly and unexpectedly, you can be prepared for the next step.

Until next week….

The School Mom

Scholarships – Online High School – Educational Assistant Resources Network (EARN)

Have you been wanting to complete your high school education or learn a specific trade but so many life factors keep you from pursuing and reaching this goal?  Then I have some really exciting news for you! EARN (Educational Assistant Resources Network) is a newly founded 501(c)3 that focuses on enhancing the community through education by offering scholarships to low-income adults and challenged teens.  EARN’s purpose is to help students regardless of age, gender, race, circumstance or socioeconomic level, to reach a higher level of success through educational options that address their specific needs.

To help identify those truly in need of these scholarships, EARN is also partnering with organizations that are reaching out to those challenged and struggling to get on track and become a contributing part of their community – those who are unemployed, chemically dependent, exploited, abused, cast aside, or homeless. Some people have just simply reached a point of desperation and need to know someone cares.  All of these individuals would greatly benefit by completing a high school education or equivalency or from obtaining trade-specific learning certificates.

EARN has partnered with Franklin Virtual High School, Franklin Adult Continuing Education and other national private school programs to accomplish this mission. David Hooser, CEO of Franklin Virtual High school, explains – “As an EARN partner, we offer the ideal solution for recipient/partner organizations that can’t provide or easily support a complete education platform (including high school and trade-specific training solutions.) Such partnerships will help given constituencies be ready for gainful employment and a life of true independence.”

EARN scholarships are offered to students of all ages striving to complete a high school level education. If you are interested, you will need the complete the EARN Scholarship Qualification Application.  Although not all applicants will receive a scholarship, all applications will be equally reviewed and considered by the EARN Awards Committee.  Make sure you fully complete the application and the required written sections that describe your present financial situation, unique qualifications and goals essay. EARN is making a difference in the lives of so many people by offering resources and education solutions.  Maybe it can make a difference in your life, too!

Until next week….

The School Mom