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Hear Our Students

Joy in San Antonio

“This is a great program for a single mom like me!”

Ebony from Virginia

“I spent money on another online program that took me no where! Thank you FVHS I really needed your program!”

Jason from Florida

“At 38 it is just time to get this done! My problem now is simply cash. Other programs want it all up front but you really help by just requiring $49 to finish the program requirements. I can study and pass the tests now while I save up for the final payment! This program rocks!”

James in New York

“I need a program that will stand behind me when I graduate. That is why I like FVHS!”

Brinda in Charlotte

“I found your system very easy to navigate and understand! The test was a challenge if I didn’t study first…”

Evelyn, Bronx, NY

“I was going to classes on Saturday because I work. There was no flexibility I had to fit my life around their schedule. Getting up early and driving, being at their location and not being able to do things I needed on my only real day off! This program fits my life so much better!”

Lisa in Philly

“They called me at 2 pm they said they will accept the diploma, we are going tomorrow at 11 am to see if we can get in the school. Thanks so much for your program and then your support after I graduated!”