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Strategies for Success Online – Using Academic Language

by Michelle Schilling, FVS Electives Department

You might be asking yourself, “How can I improve my scores?” or “How can I get better grades on online assignments?”

The use of academic language is the key to success in the online environment. Academic Language is the discipline-specific vocabulary you are learning to understand a specific subject. When answering your online questions, we want you to use the content language you have learned, and we want you to move away from basic, social language. Be sure to use key words found in the lesson when writing your answer.

Here is an example from a journal assignment in ELE Introduction to Art.

Lesson: Relief Prints

Prompt: Why do you think it took four different people to create a Japanese woodcut? Why didn’t one person do all the work like most artists of today?

Student Response: It took 4 people to make a Japanese woodcut because it was very specialized work.  If one person tried to do it like they do today it would either turn out bad, or take forever to get right.

Although this student’s answer was thoughtful and complete, it only received a 50% score because it did not include academic language from the lesson.

Keywords: (The academic language used in the lesson): specific role, trained, master

Sample Answer: Each person had a specific role in the process of making a woodcut. It would seem as though these individuals were trained at one skill, and to be trained in all of these areas would be difficult. Each role takes a certain amount of time and skill to master. I think the methods used were more complicated than they are today.

The sample answer would receive a grade of 100%.

Take care when composing your online responses to include key academic terms in complete sentences, and you will see your scores improve on your daily assignments.

What is a GED?

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to complete high school.  This can cause problems for individuals as they look for job opportunities and try to carve out their career paths. The GED®, General Equivalency Development, test was created with those individuals in mind.  Successfully passing the GED® test will certify that a person has attained high-school level academic skills. Originally, this test was created to help soldiers returning from World War II to join the civilian work force.  According to Wikipedia, “One in every seven Americans with high school credentials received the GED® test credential, as well as one in 20 college students.”  So if you were not able to complete high school and need your GED®, you are not alone!

One thing that can be surprising to some people is that you are not able to test for the GED® online.    The tests are administered by your state’s Department of Education and you must go to an Official GED® Testing Center.  Usually these testing centers are at community colleges, public schools, or adult education centers. If you are disabled in any way, you may be able to receive reasonable testing accommodations so don’t be afraid to ask. The cost of the test varies state to state. If you have any questions about the GED® please see this series of YouTube Videos from GED Testing Service® an official site of the American Council on Education (ACE).

The GED® test is comprised of five parts – Language Arts/Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts/Reading, and Mathematics. There are great test preparation materials available online.   Franklin Virtual High School has an online GED® Test Preparation Program, (as well as an alternative to the GED®  that we call Online High School “Fast Track” that follows the same equivalency standards as the GED®), it first takes you through a diagnostic pretest so that you can skip the material you already know and focus on the areas that need improvement. It includes video lectures, online content, interactive vocabulary sections, journaling, practice homework and a final quiz. If you feel you have most of the skills and just want to take GED® practice tests, Franklin Virtual Schools has an online program available for that as well.   There is help available and you CAN successfully pass the GED®!


10 Study Tips To GED Success

The GED test is challenging, but not impossible. In fact, if you follow a few simple tips when taking the GED, you will greatly lower your stress level and make it much easier to concentrate on the questions. Millions of people have taken the GED, and the following list of suggestions is based on feedback from many of them. Don’t feel as though you have to follow each one to the letter, but do make an effort at using the ones that work for you.

1. Get stress under control. Whether that means doing deep breathing exercises or yoga for a few minutes every day, or just meditating briefly before or after each study session, research has proven that regular mini-relaxation sessions go a long way toward taking the edge off of test day.

2. Don’t hesitate to take the exam again. In fact, if you allow your brain to envision a second exam attempt, the first one will not be such a huge demand on your nervous system.

3. Build a couple recreation days into your study calendar, days when you do not look at the material at all. Go to a movie, to the beach, or take a long walk. The brain needs these short vacations to recover from the heavy demands it is facing.

4. Don’t be afraid to memorize certain pieces of information. No need to go overboard, but certain kinds of exam material lend themselves to memorization. And again, the human brain likes diversity. A bit of memorization here and there breaks up the study routine and allows your mind to breathe.

5. Create or join a study group. It’s free and is maybe the most important of all these suggestions. The power of people helping other people cannot be underestimated.

6. Get acquainted with the exam format. Even before taking a practice test, just sit down and spend some time looking at the way the whole thing is set up.

7. Take a few practice tests, not timing yourself at first. Later, do a couple timed dry runs. This will certainly remove a lot of stress from test day.

8. Find a GED prep class and sign up, such as the Test Preparation Program available online at These prep programs can be done at your convenience, from your own home, and can greatly increase your chances of passing the first time.

9. Get some books that are designed to help you prepare for the exam.

10. There are lots of online resources for GED prep, so be sure to check the Internet for all the free materials, advice, and tips as well as for several programs that cost little and greatly help you prepare.

Passing the GED Test With Ease

Almost a half million Americans got their GED last year. With the right preparation, anyone can pass the GED, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. The most common things people worry about with GED preparation are the time it will take to get ready, and the difficulty of the test.

As for study time, the GED does require you to prepare, but you can start out by spending as little as one or two hours per week in order to be on your way to a solid study plan. You will not have to quit your job or say goodbye to your social life to take the GED. Chances are, certain parts of the test will be harder for you than other parts. Experience has showed that everyone has a “tough” section and an “easy” section, or sections. That is because many test takers are adults who have worked for a few years and have background in various subjects even though they might not have taken formal classes.

Second, the GED is challenging and does indeed cover a lot of material. But the key to success is a proper study plan. Of course, a plan will be different for each person. Some have a natural ability with math, for example, while others don’t. Some people love to read, write, blog, do crossword puzzles, etc. Just about everyone has a few strong and a few weak points. Your study plan will focus on your weak areas, naturally, and merely beef up your stronger skills.

People who teach GED skills are experts at figuring out what is the best preparation method for you. Many find help in online programs, such as, which offers test prep, GED study materials, and even offers help in obtaining an alternative high school diploma with several options and courses that work with your schedule and not against it. With the right counseling and advice, and commitment on your part, you can be on your way to taking and passing the GED in a very short period of time. Good luck!

How To Prep For Taking The GED

Taking your GED can be a very stressful experience for many people. Since it is an important test that will allow for you to further your career and offer a certificate to show employers, it’s important that you also take the time to study for it well in advance. Here are some simple tips that should help you ace your GED test.

Follow the study guides. Most GED classes will provide detailed study guides. These study guides are made with the intent of helping you to prepare for and pass the final test. By following the study guide you can ensure that you are as best prepared as is possible.

Make flash cards to practice with. A timeless method to studying is using flashcards. These simple cards are a great way for your brain to memorize information. The best method of making good flashcards is by writing down questions about facts, or mathematical equations and so forth on one side of the card, with the answer on the other side of the card. This way you can drill yourself over and over again until you memorize the information.

Take online practice tests. There are some great options that you have during the present day when it comes to earning your GED online. In fact, many people find preparing for and taking the GED online to be a much more rewarding and flexible experience. Not only is it more convenient because you don’t have to be in a classroom, but you can also take practice tests online so you can see what areas that you have to focus on and study more in before taking the real deal.

Does Your Online High School “Make the Grade”?

Our students expect a lot and at ESP Learning Systems/Franklin Virtual Schools we, in turn, deliver the grade. We are proud of our professional administrative and academic teams, our students and of course our programs that strive to help our students reach challenging “real life” goals. When we started ESP Learning Systems, we knew that our solutions had to be diverse, flexible, affordable, and offer real value. Today, our students experience ever changing situations in a very uncertain job market. Our programs help them rapidly achieve their goals in a variety of areas at a very affordable price.

To win that job or promotion in today’s competitive employment environment our students utilize the ROCCS Resume System to set them apart from other job candidates.

ROCCS includes an academic overview and personal assessment covering the areas of Responsibility (R), Organization (O), Communication (C), Collaboration (C) and Success (S) – hence the acronym “ROCCS”. This give a potential employer an independently generated (“third party”) assessment of the person (our student) applying for their position/job.

A ROCCS Report Card allows our students to truly define themselves from the basis of their skill set(s) and NOT a chronological listing of past jobs. Furthermore, ROCCS Report Card lets those who are still striving to become a high school graduate get started by automatically enrolling them in our Franklin Virtual High School program.

For those working adults determined to finally obtain their high school diploma, the Franklin Virtual High School “Diploma Fast” program offers a “fast”, practical and online alternative to getting your GED (FVHS conveys a High School Equivalency Diploma for graduates of this program) and, as you can see by our Better Business Bureau Rating we will work hand in hand to help you reach your education or employment goals well after graduation!

Building from there, Franklin Virtual High School is committed to a Q1 full release of its Traditional grades 9-12 program. This program will help students reach their goals of immediately entering the job market upon receiving their high school diploma or entering a community/state college/state university or a highly reputable Ivy League College.

Students in this program will benefit from a one on one learning environment. Meanwhile, parents will be assured that their children are learning in a controlled environment and receiving the quality of education they need to excel in their future. Many FVHS students will utilize the FVHS online school platform to “recover” needed courses that are transferred back to their current school program. Franklin Virtual Schools is currently in process of obtaining Regional Accreditation for the Traditional program through AdvancED / Southern Association of Colleges & Schools.

ESP Learning Systems rounds out our learning programs by offering a variety of learning/preparation programs targeted at GED or high school completion, college entrance or industrial license achievement needed by our students. As a matter of fact, we are one of the first to offer a complete online Community College Entrance Exam Prep program designed at those wanting to enhance their career opportunities, even if they have been out of high school for a while or did not receive their high school diploma.

When you build your programs around your student’s success (regardless of their circumstances) you are going to deliver strong results and very qualified, satisfied students! Those ready to start school after an absence should take advantage of our Ability To Benefit program as it will save you hundreds of dollars and up to a year of your life.

A quick visit to the Test Prep Solutions website will find a host of preparation programs including GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB and other preparation tools to help them rapidly reach their education goals. We are proud of our family of career and education programs and look forward to serving you as an ESP Learning System / Franklin Virtual Schools program graduate!

College Acceptance With or Without a High School Diploma

Congratulations, you think you’ve found the perfect school for you!  As the excitement dies, however, you find yourself anxious about the next big step: a test.  You’re suddenly worried about how much this test will cost, how much time does will it take, and worse, what if you don’t pass?

For some, this last fear is especially crippling as your high school days may be long gone or you never finished high school at all.  While you can go to trade or vocational school or even community college without a traditional high school diploma, you may struggle to keep up.  There are options, however, to make your higher education dreams a reality.

The federal government has a program in at least 38 states called Ability to Benefit.  The program enables you to “test into” a school without a high school diploma, however, the school will be limited in how much it can help you by federal, state, and/or school policy.

Another way to be prepared for the school’s test is to get an online high school diploma.  Online high school diploma programs, like the FVHS Adult High School Diploma program can be completed, and along with the included ATB/CC Exam Prep program, you can be better prepared to get pass the school’s exam.

To avoid being unprepared for the school’s test, however, start planning now!  Some tests have a cap of two times to pass and if you are missing requirements for your program, you can spend valuable time and upwards of thousands of dollars of your own money taking catch-up classes.

Don’t waste your time or money.  Find a program such as ATB/CC Exam Prep by ESP Learning Systems and be ready before you visit any school admissions reps.

Now, it’s even easier to ace their ATB or other entrance exam by accessing our online preparation site at  Using a tool like ATB Prep will guarantee you are prepared and accepted directly into your college or program of choice.

Just think, you are one step closer to achieving your goals for a better future!  Through ATB Prep you can finally overcome your fear of taking those entrance tests that many schools require.