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High School Equivalency Tests Available to You in 2016

There are more options available for students trying to earn their High School Equivalency. A state approved equivalency can be used by adult students wanting to attend college or to pursue better job opportunities. These tests can be difficult, especially if you have not attended school for some time. We highly recommend preparing and studying the material before taking any High School Equivalency Test. Research your state to see which tests are available near you. You can use Franklin Virtual High School’s Prep/Study Courses, which includes an online tutor, to ensure your success by being as prepared as possible!

GED Test

The newest GED Test has been updated for modern needs, including alignment with the Common Core State Standards. ( The GED test covers four subject areas: Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning through Language Arts. Almost all testing is now done by computer and there is more variety in the types of question styles. These include fill in the blank, drag and drop, hot spot, cloze (replace the missing word), short response, extended response and multiple choice. Each subject can be taken separately in its own module. Since the tests are taken electronically, scores can be available within three hours of completion.

All GED Tests are state-regulated and must be taken in person, at a state approved testing center (usually high schools, community colleges, or actual testing centers) in your area. For more information, go to

TASC (replaced the GED Test in Indiana, New York, W. Virginia)

TASC, the Test Assessing Secondary Completion, can be taken on paper or electronically via computer. Score reporting takes ten days when completed on paper or immediately when taken electronically. The TASC is available at state approved and regulated testing locations.

The TASC, tests the same subject areas as the older version of the GED test, circa 2002. Previous GED Test takers are allowed to combine their past GED score and the score they receive from the TASC test. The Common Core State Standards content is being phased into the TASC, which increases its compatibility with the 2002 GED Test.

The TASC test will be made up of a variety of different question styles, including drag and drop with and without sequencing dependencies, evidence-based selected response, multiple selected response, multiple-choice, an extended essay writing prompt, gridded-response items in math, stimulus-based science and social studies multiple-choice item sets. You can find more TASC test information at

HiSET Test

(Replaced GED Test in: Iowa, Louisiana, Main, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire)

HiSET, the High School Equivalency Test, is similar to the TASC test. It tests the same subject areas as the 2002 GED Test and the TASC. It can be taken electronically or on paper and testing locations are regulated by the state. The difference between the TASC and HiSET is the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. HiSet is already aligned with the newest standards and there is a second phase planned, once instructional programs are also aligned with the newest standards. The HiSET is almost entirely made up of multiple choice questions, with only one essay required. For more information on the HiSet go to

High School Equivalency tests continue to be the best way to open doors of opportunity for better employment and pursuing a higher level of education. Join us and take the first step to improve your future.

Reach out to a Franklin Virtual High School advisor today to see what option is best for you. Let Franklin Virtual High School’s Prep and Study Courses help you succeed!

Options For High School at Home | Virtual School

Online schooling benefits the student in a number of ways that can positively affect their growth as a student, and as a future adult.  It is always wonderful to hear a home-school parent’s opinion on the opportunities and benefits that online-schooling give their child in preparing for actual independence and educational responsibility, come time for college.

“High school is the time for students to truly take control of their education. Virtual schools help keep teens accountable while giving them the freedom to own their education.”

Read more here:

Understanding Accreditation

Searching for a good high school for your child is stressful enough, without having to worry about whether the school you are looking at is properly accredited to meet their future education goals.  Of course, the “gold” standard for accreditation in the USA is know as “regional” accreditation (both at a secondary and post-secondary level).

Here is a basic breakdown:

There are 6 national accrediting agencies recognized by the CHEA (association approved by the US Department of Education to oversee accreditation organizations):

  1. New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC):
  2. North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA)
  3. Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA)
  4. Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS)
  5. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  6. Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWCCU)

They are called regional because, as you can see by their names, they support school in a given geographic region.  Schools recognized by these organizations offer “reciprocity” to students that “cross” these regional boundaries.  So if you live in Florida and want to attend a university program in California, and your schools are accredited by their respective regional accrediting organization, your credential (high school diploma for example) will be accepted.

There are at times concerns over the type of school attended (brick & mortar vs online) but the accreditation of the school is not in question in this situation.  So if your goal is to attend a school in New York state, then make sure your child is attending a physical school that is regionally accredited to ensure that your choices are maximized.  New York’s teacher’s unions are strong and they tend to fight online school programs in general, but especially from other states.  However, this is an exception not the norm.   Worldwide online education investment has surpassed $6.6B over the past five years so these programs are rapidly growing in acceptance.  So that takes us back to making sure that certificates and diplomas earned online are through a structured, recognized, state registered, and regionally accredited online school, like Franklin Virtual High School.

Look for more exciting blogs about quality online education programs, and where appropriate, information specially abut FVHS.

Twinkies®! Ho Ho’s®! Ding Dongs®! – High School Diplomas

What do these childhood favorites have to do with an online high school?  Well, our friends at Franklin Virtual Schools got a call last week from an out-of-work Hostess employee.  They laid off 18,500 workers when they shut their doors, not to mention the devastation that they are causing children (and, actually, some adults) who no longer have their Twinkies!

This former Hostess employee told Franklin that he had never completed his High School Diploma because he felt he had a secure job. Unfortunately, he was wrong and now he needs the diploma to interview and compete for a good job.  Well, he came to the right place by calling Franklin and he won’t be alone.

Even if you think your job is secure, you’re content, and it doesn’t really matter that you weren’t able to complete your high school education, it might be a good time to reassess that position and give some thought to completing it.  That way if the job you thought would always be there for you ends up disappearing quickly and unexpectedly, you can be prepared for the next step.

Until next week….

The School Mom

Legitimate Online Schools – Accreditation

With all the fake online degree programs on the Internet, I thought it might be helpful to give you some tips on things to look for to know you are dealing with a legitimate online school.

First, you should only register with a school that has accreditation by a regionally recognized accreditor.  That way you can be assured you will receive an education from a quality school.  Many online schools will state that they are accredited when really they have just created their own accrediting program.  Although it is legal to not be accredited, falsely claiming accreditation is illegal and against Federal Trade Commission Regulations.  A school’s accreditation must be recognized by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) in order to claim and advertise accreditation.

Secondly, if the program looks too easy or talks about crediting “life experience” those are good signs that you are not receiving an education of real value.  It takes hard work and dedication to attain your education!

In addition, you should be able to contact the school administration directly.  You should be dealing with “real people” who care about your success and are available to help you. Many of these fake schools are located in Pakistan and don’t even speak your language!

These tips will help guide you in choosing a trustworthy and accredited online school like Franklin Virtual Schools.

Until next week….

The School Mom


The School Mom Discusses Online High School – GED Options

Hello, I am “The School Mom” and I have been invited to blog in the coming months for Franklin Virtual Schools.  I am a mom with two school-age children and understand how sometimes navigating the education options for them can be downright confusing.  Many of these options are not just for children, but also for adults who need to continue or complete their education. Over the coming months I will help bring more understanding to some of the available options like GED preparation, online high school, SAT/ACT test preparation, ASVAB test preparation, and homeschooling.

Because there are many myths and inaccurate information floating around the Internet about these options, each week I will be blogging in more detail on each topic to help guide you to the best choice for you or your children. In addition to understanding and choosing the right educational option, I will also be covering how to choose an accredited online school. 

I look forward to chatting with you next week, where I will be discussing the GED process.  Thanks for coming along with me!

Summer travel is not a problem for FVHS students! Online high school classes could be your answer this summer?

Where has the “summer vacation” gone?  There was a time when summer vacation (from school) was exactly that!  We would visit family, friends or our favorite places to unwind and give ourselves that long awaited break!  Unfortunately, more and more students today are attending summer school to help recover missed or failed classes, or to get a head start on the next school year.   OK…it sounds “unkewl” but it doesn’t mean you can’t still make that family trip or get that summer job.  You just need to take a look virtual classroom opportunities so you have the flexibility you need to get the best of both worlds!

Brick and mortar schools offer classes during the summer that are typically based on the teacher’s or school’s goals not your needs for travel or making some money during your break!  So consider a virtual school program like the ones offered by Franklin Virtual High School.   No matter where you are or what time you need to “enter class,” a virtual high school (or often known as online high school) classroom is accessible to you.  If you have your laptop you can jump into class when it makes sense for you.  If grandmother lives near a library, then you can log-in and complete class and make it back just in time to enjoy some of her incredible apple pie!

Taking high school classes online this summer can give you the flexibility to travel, work, relax and you do it from your vantage point not the school’s!  If you are considering a virtual high school please make sure to do a little “due diligence!”  Not all schools and certainly not all online high schools are “created equally.”  Also, make sure the school is “not out for the summer” because summer always goes by quickly and you may need a little support or tutoring!

It’s tough enough today being a teen, so if you need to clear your head and get something accomplished before the new school year, virtual high school classes just may be your solution.