Are you focusing on what is best for your future?

We talk to FVHS students (and prospective students) every day. We ask them if they have really considered what is ideal for their situation. Do you have to go to college to get a job in an industry/field you are interested in or can you start in a position out of high school? Is college (right now) truly the best long term solution for you and are you ready (and able) to spend two or four years learning before you starting earning an income in this field?

For example, many of our adult students tell us they want to get into nursing. Nursing is a very challenging field. It is difficult to pass for even the best of students; it takes a minimum of two years and involves a lot of sacrifice. Then, if you decide it was not really the best for you later (after you have graduated) you cannot get the years of preparation and cost back! For many of our adult students, school is not where they excel. They did not like it the first time and it is only going to be more challenging this time around!

We encourage FVHS students to stop, look, talk, and listen to others (not just education administrators like us or college admissions folks). For example, in the medical field go to your doctor’s office and ask them! There are many incredible careers that simply require your high school diploma (or equivalency – HSE) plus some in office training. You can learn more about the field “on the job” and then know exactly what is best for you in the future. You are earning a living, learning a trade and researching if there are more educational requirements needed for career growth without racking up a lot of student loan debt. Trust me, it is always difficult to repay this debt and live a normal life in the first 2-5 years!

Keep in mind that now it is not that uncommon for students exiting undergraduate school (graduates or not) with student loan debts of $50,000 or higher. Many of these students have no shot of making more than $10.00 an hour for the time being. So please use the Franklin Virtual High School student services team as a starting point on what is best for you. Don’t stop there and talk to as many people as possible. Get your high school diploma without question but then think what the best steps for your situation will be. Don’t fall into the student loan debt strangle hold!

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