Top Dollar Jobs For High School Graduates – No College Required!

Not thinking college is right for you?  You are in some pretty good company.  A recent article expressed how many jobs simply require two things:  1)  A desire to succeed and a high school diploma!  (visit Franklin Virtual High School to learn how you can complete high school online based on your needs and at your pace)

Ever asked Bill Gates where he “graduated” from college?  How about the movie mogul David Geffen (Dreamworks)?  He knew what he wanted and made it happen (school of hard knocks)!  While these area some extreme examples, the fact is that with a little motivation and a high school diploma you can get on your own success track!  Where you go from there is up to you!

One thing that did not “slow” these entrepreneurs down was the burden of “student loan debt!”  So many students today are burying themselves with student loan debt.  Many are dropping out (of course the debt continues regardless of you graduating) of programs that were not really right for them or graduating only to have to find work as a bartender or server!   There is no guarantee that a college education will get you a high paying job!

Regardless of how you graduate (traditional high school, alternative high school, brick and mortar or online high school), you should focus on completing a recognized high school program (FVHS offers online high school programs for high school age and adult learners).  While you are completing your high school education, we recommend the following planning activities: 1) Inventory your strengths (possibly by creating a resume using tools like the FVHS ROCCS Resume Service program) so you know where you will naturally excel (plus it might help you land a better job now not later); 2) Review career options that are right for you and have growing demand (using tools like this ones available from the Dept of Labor Statistics); and 3) Stay focused.  It may take three to eight months but it will pay off in the long term.

So knowing that you do not have to graduate from college to find a good paying job, let’s take a look at some high school graduate career options.

According to the site referenced above, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), eight of the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2014 require only a high school diploma.  These jobs are in a variety of fields including health, technology, plumbing, firefighting and automotive repair.  Some of these may require a little vocational training or on-the-job training but all are within your reach as a high school graduate.

Based on data from the BLS and

1. Air traffic controller: $102,030

2. Funeral director: $79,517

3. Operations manager: $77,839

4. Industrial production manager: $73,00

5. Transportation manager: $72,662

6. Storage and distribution manager: $69,898

7. Computer technical support specialist: $67,689

8. Gaming manager: $64,880

9. First-line supervisor/manager of police and detective: $64,430

10. Nuclear power reactor operator: $64,090

11. Computer specialist: $59,480

12. First-line, non-retail supervisors/manager: $59,300

13. Nuclear technician: $59,200

14. First-line supervisor/manager of fire fighting and prevention worker: $58,920

15. Real estate broker: $58,720

16. Elevator installer and repairer: $58,710

17. Sales representative, wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products: $58,580

18. Dental hygienist: $59,790

19. Radiation therapist: $57,700

20. Nuclear medicine technologist: $56,450

21. Power plant distributor and dispatcher: $57,330

22. Fashion designer: $55,840

23. Ship engineer: $54,950

24. Detective and criminal investigator: $53,990

25. Commercial pilot: $53,870

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