Does Your Online High School “Make the Grade”?

Our students expect a lot and at ESP Learning Systems/Franklin Virtual Schools we, in turn, deliver the grade. We are proud of our professional administrative and academic teams, our students and of course our programs that strive to help our students reach challenging “real life” goals. When we started ESP Learning Systems, we knew that our solutions had to be diverse, flexible, affordable, and offer real value. Today, our students experience ever changing situations in a very uncertain job market. Our programs help them rapidly achieve their goals in a variety of areas at a very affordable price.

To win that job or promotion in today’s competitive employment environment our students utilize the ROCCS Resume System to set them apart from other job candidates.

ROCCS includes an academic overview and personal assessment covering the areas of Responsibility (R), Organization (O), Communication (C), Collaboration (C) and Success (S) – hence the acronym “ROCCS”. This give a potential employer an independently generated (“third party”) assessment of the person (our student) applying for their position/job.

A ROCCS Report Card allows our students to truly define themselves from the basis of their skill set(s) and NOT a chronological listing of past jobs. Furthermore, ROCCS Report Card lets those who are still striving to become a high school graduate get started by automatically enrolling them in our Franklin Virtual High School program.

For those working adults determined to finally obtain their high school diploma, the Franklin Virtual High School “Diploma Fast” program offers a “fast”, practical and online alternative to getting your GED (FVHS conveys a High School Equivalency Diploma for graduates of this program) and, as you can see by our Better Business Bureau Rating we will work hand in hand to help you reach your education or employment goals well after graduation!

Building from there, Franklin Virtual High School is committed to a Q1 full release of its Traditional grades 9-12 program. This program will help students reach their goals of immediately entering the job market upon receiving their high school diploma or entering a community/state college/state university or a highly reputable Ivy League College.

Students in this program will benefit from a one on one learning environment. Meanwhile, parents will be assured that their children are learning in a controlled environment and receiving the quality of education they need to excel in their future. Many FVHS students will utilize the FVHS online school platform to “recover” needed courses that are transferred back to their current school program. Franklin Virtual Schools is currently in process of obtaining Regional Accreditation for the Traditional program through AdvancED / Southern Association of Colleges & Schools.

ESP Learning Systems rounds out our learning programs by offering a variety of learning/preparation programs targeted at GED or high school completion, college entrance or industrial license achievement needed by our students. As a matter of fact, we are one of the first to offer a complete online Community College Entrance Exam Prep program designed at those wanting to enhance their career opportunities, even if they have been out of high school for a while or did not receive their high school diploma.

When you build your programs around your student’s success (regardless of their circumstances) you are going to deliver strong results and very qualified, satisfied students! Those ready to start school after an absence should take advantage of our Ability To Benefit program as it will save you hundreds of dollars and up to a year of your life.

A quick visit to the Test Prep Solutions website will find a host of preparation programs including GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB and other preparation tools to help them rapidly reach their education goals. We are proud of our family of career and education programs and look forward to serving you as an ESP Learning System / Franklin Virtual Schools program graduate!

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