Summer travel is not a problem for FVHS students! Online high school classes could be your answer this summer?

Where has the “summer vacation” gone?  There was a time when summer vacation (from school) was exactly that!  We would visit family, friends or our favorite places to unwind and give ourselves that long awaited break!  Unfortunately, more and more students today are attending summer school to help recover missed or failed classes, or to get a head start on the next school year.   OK…it sounds “unkewl” but it doesn’t mean you can’t still make that family trip or get that summer job.  You just need to take a look virtual classroom opportunities so you have the flexibility you need to get the best of both worlds!

Brick and mortar schools offer classes during the summer that are typically based on the teacher’s or school’s goals not your needs for travel or making some money during your break!  So consider a virtual school program like the ones offered by Franklin Virtual High School.   No matter where you are or what time you need to “enter class,” a virtual high school (or often known as online high school) classroom is accessible to you.  If you have your laptop you can jump into class when it makes sense for you.  If grandmother lives near a library, then you can log-in and complete class and make it back just in time to enjoy some of her incredible apple pie!

Taking high school classes online this summer can give you the flexibility to travel, work, relax and you do it from your vantage point not the school’s!  If you are considering a virtual high school please make sure to do a little “due diligence!”  Not all schools and certainly not all online high schools are “created equally.”  Also, make sure the school is “not out for the summer” because summer always goes by quickly and you may need a little support or tutoring!

It’s tough enough today being a teen, so if you need to clear your head and get something accomplished before the new school year, virtual high school classes just may be your solution.

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