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Getting Over Your Fears Of Going Back To School

We all have fears. Some people are afraid of heights, others of small spaces and some of going back to school. It is common to feel insecure when heading back into ‘student mode’. There are worries of finding time to get all of your studying in, test taking anxiety and failing a class worries. While all of these concerns are definitely valid, with some preparation and planning ahead they can all be overcome.

Taking your learning online is a modern advantage. You can make this work for you rather than against you. If you worry about having enough family time, remember you can attend classes and commit to homework around your own schedule. You will not have to worry about missing your children’s sports games or recitals, because you can work on school when you have time.

If time management is something you are concerned about, think about it in a different way. You are able to balance your checkbook, so you can balance your time. A bit of planning and budgeting of time will help you feel less overwhelmed. Assignments and tests will not be sprung on you. You will have ample time to plan ahead for them and work studying into your busy life.

Perhaps one of your concerns is that you just have not decided on what you want to do when you ‘grow up’. Are you concerned about wasting valuable time in school trying to decide what you want to do? Take time to consider your goals. Create a list of career fields you are interested in, and then go from there.

Being involved in an online class may be the part that scares you. Online classes can actually be quite social. Most online schools encourage students to get to know one another through Facebook pages which are dedicated to the students, online discussion boards and virtual student unions.

While going back to school can be an intimidating thing, studying and working full-time is doable, particularly with this day in age. Be sure you plan and prepare well, and you’ll find yourself soon enough with that high school diploma or college degree you’ve been dreaming of earning!

Ten Reasons That You Should Get Your Online GED

There are many reasons why people do not complete high school, and thus do not earn their diploma. But in this day and age there are plenty of ways to make up for lost time and to go back for that diploma that you missed out on. One way to do this is by considering getting a GED and there are several great reasons why pursuing an online GED may be the best course of action for you.

1. Programs are offered online so that people can earn their GED. This means, any problems with group work or time commitments that you had while going to school are no longer a problem.

2. After you finish the program and pass an accredited GED test, you will have an authentic high school diploma. Having this degree will help you get a better job as well as give you the option of going to college.

3. A counselor can help you online whenever you have questions. Often times these counselors are available for long hours of the day, making contacting them easy and painless.

4. You can do the online work any time, so you will not have to quit your job or go to a school or miss out of family time. An online GED is often the option of choice for full-time workers who just don’t have the time to devote going to school.

5. It is not expensive to get your GED, especially when you consider the better jobs you will be able to get after earning your diploma.

6. People of any age can get their GED. You will earn it online so you will not feel uncomfortable if you are not a teenager.

7. Many people feel extremely proud after earning their diploma. The confidence boost is often just what some need to be inspired to continue onward with their education.

8. Online programs are accredited schools so you will be getting a great education.

9. If you choose a good online program to earn your GED, all of the resources you need will be available for you to use. You will not even need to leave your computer to use them.

10. It is easy to sign up for a GED program right now. Programs like Franklin Virtual School’s Traditional Online High School Program offer programs to help 100% online classes to help students prepare for career or college programs. Other options include GED preparation courses, like Franklin Virtual School’s Graduate Fast track, that offers accelerated online high school classes as well as GED prep tests and practice.

Getting your GED or high school diploma has never been easier, and can be done in a way that is convenient and easy to fit into your schedule.

Passing the GED Test With Ease

Almost a half million Americans got their GED last year. With the right preparation, anyone can pass the GED, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. The most common things people worry about with GED preparation are the time it will take to get ready, and the difficulty of the test.

As for study time, the GED does require you to prepare, but you can start out by spending as little as one or two hours per week in order to be on your way to a solid study plan. You will not have to quit your job or say goodbye to your social life to take the GED. Chances are, certain parts of the test will be harder for you than other parts. Experience has showed that everyone has a “tough” section and an “easy” section, or sections. That is because many test takers are adults who have worked for a few years and have background in various subjects even though they might not have taken formal classes.

Second, the GED is challenging and does indeed cover a lot of material. But the key to success is a proper study plan. Of course, a plan will be different for each person. Some have a natural ability with math, for example, while others don’t. Some people love to read, write, blog, do crossword puzzles, etc. Just about everyone has a few strong and a few weak points. Your study plan will focus on your weak areas, naturally, and merely beef up your stronger skills.

People who teach GED skills are experts at figuring out what is the best preparation method for you. Many find help in online programs, such as FranklinVirtualSchools.com, which offers test prep, GED study materials, and even offers help in obtaining an alternative high school diploma with several options and courses that work with your schedule and not against it. With the right counseling and advice, and commitment on your part, you can be on your way to taking and passing the GED in a very short period of time. Good luck!

Increase Your Options With A GED

A person who did not finish high school can become stuck in their job opportunities. Chances to move up in a company will probably be stopped once the lack of a high school diploma is noted. This can leave a person feeling frustrated and cause them to begin to resent their job and co-workers. Overall, this is not the foundation for a great life.

In addition to this, some people may begin to feel inadequate for not holding this certificate. It may be hard to feel good about yourself when your friends and family are asking why you have not gone back and earned your diploma, or when co-workers see you passed over for promotions at work. Often those people who felt stupid or felt like they could not pass their classes will carry those feelings of inadequacy with them.

The truth is, with the right support and motivation, students who struggled in the past can earn their GED. A person needs to set this goal for themselves and be serious about reaching it. Finding a program to lead and support them is one of the first steps to be taken.

Several programs exist out there to help full-time workers, parents, and everyone else earn their GED. Programs like FranklinVirtualSchools.com can provide study material, tutors, and practice tests that are available around the clock for study and prep. And with an online system in place, programs such as this are accessible everywhere at anytime, meaning you do not have to give up all of your life in order to earn a diploma.

Life skills will also prove to be helpful in preparing for the GED test. Skills such as goal-setting, and self-motivation will help a person’s self-esteem build. These skills are needed in order to build academic skills in the areas of science, math, and language.

These are skills which will continue to help a person throughout their life. For this reason, earning a GED credential is not the end of the goal, but the beginning to reaching bigger goals.

Tips on Balancing School and Work

Many students are faced with the challenge of working while going through school.  Juggling both of these life situations can be tricky, as studying and learning are the main goal, however, a student must perform well while at work too. Both can be managed with a few tips and plenty of practice.

Time management is key when fulfilling both roles.  It is very important to be able to balance your time appropriately between work and school.  In order to manage your time well, the first step is use one calendar for both situations.  This will become your go-to tool. By keeping your work schedule and school obligations altogether, you will have a clearer picture of your responsibilities.

An additional tip is to communicate with your managers. Give your managers ample notice when you know you will need a light schedule or time off for school related reasons. This will ensure that they have dates for your mid-terms and finals far in advance and can work them into schedules.  Therefore, you will not have to worry about trying to trade shifts or bargain with co-workers to cover for you. This is a very important time management skill.

Along with managing your time wisely, the ability to use your time wisely is a learned talent. With a busy schedule, a student will find it helpful to keep his assignments with him. Keep your school work in a backpack so that you can take it along with you as you go about your day. In doing so, you will find that you can accomplish bits and pieces of school work on the go. Reading can be completed while riding the bus or carpooling, note-taking can be worked on during your lunch break. These bits and pieces will add up and make a difference in your work load.

This supports the next tip of not cramming. This becomes the hardest tip to accomplish. To keep from cramming, one must begin on assignments as soon as they are assigned. Continue working on given assignments a little bit each day until they have been completed.

Finally, the last thing to manage is stress. Pay attention to the things that cause you to become stressed. Try to avoid allowing situations to build up to that point. It is most likely impossible to not feel any stress while studying and working. Try to work in time for activities which help you to wind down. Squeeze in some physical activity or a half-hour of relaxation to help you alleviate some tension. This will improve your overall well-being as well as your frame of mind.

Tips For A Great Cover Letter

When applying for jobs there are many things to consider when applying.  It is not all about the resume.  Although the resume is very important it is also equally important to have a compelling cover letter that catches the employer’s interest and makes them want to know more about you.  Let’s break this down into what you want to accomplish through each paragraph of your cover letter.

In the first paragraph you want to begin by drawing the person who may be reading your cover letter in.  You want to be personal to an extent and introduce your area of expertise.  Be sure to state the position you are applying for and where you found the job.  This is important because employers want to make sure you are attentive to detail and are not a spammer.

Your next paragraph should really focus on your personal skills and useful traits that you have that will help you to be the perfect fit for the job.  You want to be honest, but be careful to not write too much because then you may come across as boastful.  You want the employer to be confident that you have the essential skills to complete the day-to-day tasks of the job they are hiring for.  You want to have prepared statements throughout your cover letter that are going to keep the employer intrigued and encourages them to look at your resume and then possibly call you.

The final section of your cover letter needs to easily wrap up what you have already said.  Your cover letter is a quick advertisement of yourself, and if an employer’s eye isn’t caught and held throughout your letter you can kiss the job goodbye.  Talk about why you want the position offered and how you are going to bring something unique and exciting to the table.  Employers do not want to see a copy and pasted cover letter.  You want to personalize each cover letter you write depending on the position being offered.

Through out the cover letter, be sure that you keep the tone professional. While it may be tempting to add your own style to your letter, employers may be put off by too much flair. A professional tone shows you are serious about the job and mature enough to do it, so limit your use of bold style.

Overall, in the world of searching for jobs, it is all about uniqueness.  Employers want someone who is going to bring something fresh and exciting to the position.  Everyone has special skills and traits.  Use these personal traits to your advantage.  Draw the employer in and make them want to interview you and to know more about you.  You want an employer to read your cover letter and know what you’re about as they pick up the phone to call you.