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SCAM Alert – Online GED Testing Fraud

Last week I blogged about an Online Diploma Scam and now I need to notify you of a second one.  A lawsuit was filed against Amjad Pervaiz, Asif Sarwar Safi and AZM Technologies for operating 32 websites that fraudulently offered GED test credentials. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York by GED Testing Services and the American Council on Education.  The federal judge granted an award of $6 million in damages, ordered the websites shut down, and ordered that all Internet domains utilized in this scheme be transferred to GED Testing Services.  The judge also imposed an injunction allowing swift action to be taken by GED Testing Services if additional fraudulent websites are discovered. Some of the url’s that these fraudulent schools have been operating under include: SenfordHighSchool.com, OnlineGED.us, AccreditedHighSchool.us, Sunshine High School, OnlineDiplomaGED.com.  They may attempt to relaunch under new url’s so everyone needs to always proceed with caution and remember that GED tests can only be given at an Official GED testing center.

Landmark Victory for Adult Learners

Unfortunately, because the online scammers are operating outside of the U.S. and utilizing overseas banks, it is doubtful that any of the $6 million will be recovered.  But the lawsuits will at least bring heightened awareness to this global diploma mill scam and will aid in educating the public.  It is important to remember that the GED test cannot be taken online, but must be taken in person at an official GED Testing Center.

Get Over Your Online Leaning Fears

Online learning is a medium in which many adults are looking to study for their GED examination. Not only is online learning a great way to take classes while holding down a full time job and taking care of family obligations, but even adults who are unemployed benefit from online learning by taking classes and studying in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

There are some fears that come with online learning, however. Some individuals worry about being able to navigate new software or not being able to interact with students and the teacher or not having a way to ask questions or clear up test question confusion.

To be a successful online learner, you may need to get buy in from your family and have to work with them to come up with a schedule that is conducive to both family time, work time, and study time. Letting your family and friends know how important earning your GED is will help them understand why you need time to study.

Working full time in addition to taking care of family could also mean you need to work on time management. The beauty of online learning is that you can study at your convenience, which makes it easier to work around other obligations.

If you’ve been out of school for many years, computer literacy might be an issue but it’s likely you can learn what you need to in order to navigate the online learning software. There are also likely high school students available for in home tutoring.

Don’t let the fears of online learning stop you form pursuing your GED! With a bit of work, some planning, and a lot of determination, anyone can navigate the tools needed to study online and prepare themselves for their GED exam. Good luck!

Benefits Of Online Learning

There are many benefits to online learning. While the hustle and bustle of life may seem to prevent you from fitting one more thing into your schedule, online classes can help you go back to school as well as avoid the stress of having to be in four places at once.

When participating in online classes, learning will take place in the comfort of your very own home. The beauty of online learning is you can do it anywhere you can find a wireless connection. Think of all the time and stress that will be saved not commuting anywhere. That is time and energy that can be well spent studying for your GED or toward completing a college class.

Secondly, there will not be any scheduling conflicts. With online learning, you work and study according to your own schedule. There will not be any missed recitals, or championship games. You can continue working and still get your education. Even more importantly, your online instructor will be available through email or video conferencing.

Learning will be focused. This is helpful because it will fit with multiple learning styles. Students are able to connect with each other through chat rooms, wiki pages and email. Because you are learning at your own pace, you can skip over material that you have learned already and get right to the topics you need to learn.

You are able to set your own pace. Students will graduate according to their own timeline. A very motivated student can work faster and graduate faster. Another student, who may have a lot going on in their life, can continue to work as their schedule allows. This keeps a student making steady progress toward their graduation goal.

Are you a non-traditional student?

Are you employed or do you have children and are you more than 25-years old? If so, chances are you are considered a non-traditional student when it comes to college. There are so many individuals who are 25 or older who are pursuing their GEDs and colleges are doing their best to cater to these adult students aka non-traditional students. Whether you’re looking to earn your GED or go for a more advanced degree, schools and colleges are doing their best to work with you to help you achieve these goals.

Economic downturns could be the reason you’ve decided to go back to college to earn your GED, or perhaps you’re just looking to get ahead in your current career and feel a degree could help you out. Due to the rising numbers of unemployed individuals, colleges are seeing an influx of non-traditional adult learners. If you think about the fact that also with the rising number of unemployed individuals, potential employers have access to a larger pool of potential candidates for hiring, you could need a GED to simply make yourself stand out from the competition. If you’re working in an industry that is seeking cutbacks and layoffs, a higher degree of education can make you stand out among your peers, so make certain your supervisors know you are going back to college to earn a degree.

Whether you dropped out of high school for financial or family reasons, there is no reason you can’t go back to college as a non traditional student to earn you’re your GED. Even colleges and online programs are offering classes both in person or virtual for individuals who want to earn their higher degree or GED, respectively. If you’re working full time you should be able to find a program that will work around your work schedule by offering classes either at night or on weekends.

Individuals who work full-time and are juggling commuting with family responsibilities and full time work find that online learning for their GED is the way to go. Online learning allows you to log into the computer and take classes at your leisure.

If you’re a traditional or a non-traditional student, you may still qualify for financial aid in the form of grants or loans to secure the financing for your GED enrollment. Pursuing your GED might help you advance in your current career and may make it easier to find new employment if you’ve been downsized.

Get Ready For The GED And Find The Right Study Space

Finding the right study space for you can make all the difference in how productive you are and give you better results for your time and effort. Whether you are studying for your GED or working on an assignment, the perfect studying spot will help you stay focused and undisturbed. Search for a place that meets your individual needs. Everyone learns differently. Some people need absolute silence, some cannot focus in total silence and some need to discuss their learning with others. So, seek out a place to study that fits the way you learn.

If you are one who prefers the silent learning atmosphere, look in your own home. Studying in the middle of the kitchen will probably offer too many interruptions. Can you get the solitude you require in your bedroom? If so, consider setting up a study space, such as at a desk. Getting yourself too comfortable, such as studying on your bed, can sometimes work against you. You do not want to find yourself dozing off and taking a nap instead of studying.

If your kitchen is not full of hustle and bustle, it would make a good study spot. You will have an open space where you can spread out your materials, and snacks at hand. Just avoid heavy foods while studying. Keep it light with fruits and vegetables. If this is not your ideal spot, maybe you would rather be in the basement. Many people like some background music while they study, though just be sure it stays at background level so that you do not loose focus. The trick here is to not become distracted with household projects.

Another quiet place to study would be at the library. You area less likely to nap in a quiet public place. You may also take comfort in being surrounded by other people whom are also studying. Libraries are equipped with WiFi, and will offer a quiet environment. There is good lighting and often many windows for a nice, open atmosphere.

You may prefer to take your studying to a coffee shop. This is a stimulating community with the lull of background noise that is not overtaking. Coffee shops typically offer WiFi, making them a great place to meet up with a study partner, group or study alone. Because you are in a public place, you are less likely to be bothered.

Know yourself and know what works best for you! Finding the right study space can help make studying that much easier and more tolerable.

Ten Reasons That You Should Get Your Online GED

There are many reasons why people do not complete high school, and thus do not earn their diploma. But in this day and age there are plenty of ways to make up for lost time and to go back for that diploma that you missed out on. One way to do this is by considering getting a GED and there are several great reasons why pursuing an online GED may be the best course of action for you.

1. Programs are offered online so that people can earn their GED. This means, any problems with group work or time commitments that you had while going to school are no longer a problem.

2. After you finish the program and pass an accredited GED test, you will have an authentic high school diploma. Having this degree will help you get a better job as well as give you the option of going to college.

3. A counselor can help you online whenever you have questions. Often times these counselors are available for long hours of the day, making contacting them easy and painless.

4. You can do the online work any time, so you will not have to quit your job or go to a school or miss out of family time. An online GED is often the option of choice for full-time workers who just don’t have the time to devote going to school.

5. It is not expensive to get your GED, especially when you consider the better jobs you will be able to get after earning your diploma.

6. People of any age can get their GED. You will earn it online so you will not feel uncomfortable if you are not a teenager.

7. Many people feel extremely proud after earning their diploma. The confidence boost is often just what some need to be inspired to continue onward with their education.

8. Online programs are accredited schools so you will be getting a great education.

9. If you choose a good online program to earn your GED, all of the resources you need will be available for you to use. You will not even need to leave your computer to use them.

10. It is easy to sign up for a GED program right now. Programs like Franklin Virtual School’s Traditional Online High School Program offer programs to help 100% online classes to help students prepare for career or college programs. Other options include GED preparation courses, like Franklin Virtual School’s Graduate Fast track, that offers accelerated online high school classes as well as GED prep tests and practice.

Getting your GED or high school diploma has never been easier, and can be done in a way that is convenient and easy to fit into your schedule.

Interpreting GED Test Scores

After all that studying and preparing for the GED, when the scores come you will find that you have to figure out how to read and interpret your scores.

The first thing to understand is how the test is organized and broken down. The test is made up of a sequence of five tests and are broken down into the following subject areas; math, reading and writing, social studies and science. Each test is made up of multiple choice questions and the second part of the writing test requires an original essay to be written.

Most areas use the rules of scoring which were put in place by the American Council on Education. After taking the GED, you will have a standard score. This score can be between 200 and 800. Sixty percent is required to pass, which means that you’ll need a standard score of no less than 410 on each of the five tests.

In addition to this, an average score of at least 450 must be earned overall. To explain, each individual test cannot be lower than 410. However, if a score of 450 is not earned on each test, another of the test sections can bring the overall average up to at least 450.

The essay is scored in a different manner. The two page essay, written by the examinee, will count for forty percent of the writing test score. The essay must be written on topic of the prompt. It is scored in organization, idea development, effectiveness and the focus of the essay based upon the writing prompt.