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Getting Over Your Fears Of Going Back To School

We all have fears. Some people are afraid of heights, others of small spaces and some of going back to school. It is common to feel insecure when heading back into ‘student mode’. There are worries of finding time to get all of your studying in, test taking anxiety and failing a class worries. While all of these concerns are definitely valid, with some preparation and planning ahead they can all be overcome.

Taking your learning online is a modern advantage. You can make this work for you rather than against you. If you worry about having enough family time, remember you can attend classes and commit to homework around your own schedule. You will not have to worry about missing your children’s sports games or recitals, because you can work on school when you have time.

If time management is something you are concerned about, think about it in a different way. You are able to balance your checkbook, so you can balance your time. A bit of planning and budgeting of time will help you feel less overwhelmed. Assignments and tests will not be sprung on you. You will have ample time to plan ahead for them and work studying into your busy life.

Perhaps one of your concerns is that you just have not decided on what you want to do when you ‘grow up’. Are you concerned about wasting valuable time in school trying to decide what you want to do? Take time to consider your goals. Create a list of career fields you are interested in, and then go from there.

Being involved in an online class may be the part that scares you. Online classes can actually be quite social. Most online schools encourage students to get to know one another through Facebook pages which are dedicated to the students, online discussion boards and virtual student unions.

While going back to school can be an intimidating thing, studying and working full-time is doable, particularly with this day in age. Be sure you plan and prepare well, and you’ll find yourself soon enough with that high school diploma or college degree you’ve been dreaming of earning!

Ten Reasons That You Should Get Your Online GED

There are many reasons why people do not complete high school, and thus do not earn their diploma. But in this day and age there are plenty of ways to make up for lost time and to go back for that diploma that you missed out on. One way to do this is by considering getting a GED and there are several great reasons why pursuing an online GED may be the best course of action for you.

1. Programs are offered online so that people can earn their GED. This means, any problems with group work or time commitments that you had while going to school are no longer a problem.

2. After you finish the program and pass an accredited GED test, you will have an authentic high school diploma. Having this degree will help you get a better job as well as give you the option of going to college.

3. A counselor can help you online whenever you have questions. Often times these counselors are available for long hours of the day, making contacting them easy and painless.

4. You can do the online work any time, so you will not have to quit your job or go to a school or miss out of family time. An online GED is often the option of choice for full-time workers who just don’t have the time to devote going to school.

5. It is not expensive to get your GED, especially when you consider the better jobs you will be able to get after earning your diploma.

6. People of any age can get their GED. You will earn it online so you will not feel uncomfortable if you are not a teenager.

7. Many people feel extremely proud after earning their diploma. The confidence boost is often just what some need to be inspired to continue onward with their education.

8. Online programs are accredited schools so you will be getting a great education.

9. If you choose a good online program to earn your GED, all of the resources you need will be available for you to use. You will not even need to leave your computer to use them.

10. It is easy to sign up for a GED program right now. Programs like Franklin Virtual School’s Traditional Online High School Program offer programs to help 100% online classes to help students prepare for career or college programs. Other options include GED preparation courses, like Franklin Virtual School’s Graduate Fast track, that offers accelerated online high school classes as well as GED prep tests and practice.

Getting your GED or high school diploma has never been easier, and can be done in a way that is convenient and easy to fit into your schedule.

Increase Your Options With A GED

A person who did not finish high school can become stuck in their job opportunities. Chances to move up in a company will probably be stopped once the lack of a high school diploma is noted. This can leave a person feeling frustrated and cause them to begin to resent their job and co-workers. Overall, this is not the foundation for a great life.

In addition to this, some people may begin to feel inadequate for not holding this certificate. It may be hard to feel good about yourself when your friends and family are asking why you have not gone back and earned your diploma, or when co-workers see you passed over for promotions at work. Often those people who felt stupid or felt like they could not pass their classes will carry those feelings of inadequacy with them.

The truth is, with the right support and motivation, students who struggled in the past can earn their GED. A person needs to set this goal for themselves and be serious about reaching it. Finding a program to lead and support them is one of the first steps to be taken.

Several programs exist out there to help full-time workers, parents, and everyone else earn their GED. Programs like FranklinVirtualSchools.com can provide study material, tutors, and practice tests that are available around the clock for study and prep. And with an online system in place, programs such as this are accessible everywhere at anytime, meaning you do not have to give up all of your life in order to earn a diploma.

Life skills will also prove to be helpful in preparing for the GED test. Skills such as goal-setting, and self-motivation will help a person’s self-esteem build. These skills are needed in order to build academic skills in the areas of science, math, and language.

These are skills which will continue to help a person throughout their life. For this reason, earning a GED credential is not the end of the goal, but the beginning to reaching bigger goals.

The Benefits Of Earning A GED

There are many people who never ended up finishing high school due to many different reasons.  But there is a solution to finally fulfilling that dream of finishing high school.  The GED is an alternative to a high school diploma and can help you in many ways.

There are many benefits to getting your GED.  For one thing, it can lead to a better job.  Having a GED shows employers that you had the drive to finish your high school education, and the majority of jobs usually require you to have a high school diploma or the GED equivalent.  A GED can also lead to a better education.  Most colleges accept the GED as proof that you finished your high school education.

Getting a GED can also help you to feel better about yourself.  Many people regret not getting their high school diploma.  Earning your GED can give you a new boost of confidence and pride in yourself.  Investing in your GED is also investing in your future, as educated parents raise educated children.

There are several online locations where you can practice and study for the GED.  There are even some programs like the Franklin Virtual High School that give you the opportunity to take the test through them online.  There are four categories that are presented in the GED and they include language arts, science, math, and social studies.  Franklin Virtual Schools can help prepare you for every section, online, on your own time and at your own pace.

Getting your GED can be a very rewarding experience and lead to better and higher paying jobs.  Overall, when you choose to get your GED, you are choosing to better your future.

Researching Back To School Choices: What You Need to Know

We are in an electronic age with numerous options now available to us via the Internet.  Schools promoting their programs as a great way to receive your “high school diploma” online are popping up daily.  Many are extensions of physical private and public high schools while others are completely virtual programs.  Some offer solid programs, flexibility and variety while others are simply “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Be aware and read the material you are presented very carefully.  You will find all sorts of options but even very good programs may not fit your situation or need.

There are several different categories that you should review when considering any type of program.  A few resources that you should always use when initially beginning an investigation are third-party services that validate business claims.  These resources include such organizations as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), other memberships, and CHEA.

BBB Status and other memberships are a great way to see if your school is legit and in the “main stream” of things in the education business.  Look on the program’s website and search the links that are posted.  Contact the agency/membership organization to verify that the school is actually affiliated with them and is not just posting a claim that is not real.  Unfortunately, in our world today, false claims are easy to make and often not investigate, even though verifying such claims only takes a few clicks.

Also look into a school’s accreditation status using CHEA.  CHEA is the federal agency that provides accreditor recognition.  If you school is not displaying that it is in the process of gaining accreditation or has current accreditation from an agency on the CHEA list then you could have challenges if you complete that program.

Though accreditation is not mandatory, and many excellent programs do not pursue accreditation for a variety of reasons, be wary of programs that claim accreditation but are not.  You may not need a high school diploma for a community college (as is the case with 38 states) but having a diploma from an accredited program improves your credibility and will never hurt your credentials!

It is easy to find the BBB and CHEA on the web and it only takes a few minutes to research a compelling program to see what type of business they are.  We encourage you to look at Franklin Virtual Schools as you will see examples of all of these categories so you know what to look for on other sites.  If you decide that one of our high school or other programs will meet your needs then we look forward to helping you reach your goal.

Online High School Choices for Adults

How do you select an online high school “for you, not your kid(s)” now that you are an adult? Combine technological advances, especially those involving the internet, differing opinions on the quality or curriculum at most public high schools, a diverse set of real life circumstances and a growing population of individuals not completing high school with their “freshman” classes and you find a significant need for flexible solutions for adults, who want to receive their high school diploma. As a rule, this student population has many faces: the young mother that had to focus on a need more important than her own, young adults that faced challenges many of us did not have to deal with in our own adolescence, individuals with health, lifestyle or social challenges or some that just did not make the best “planning” decisions in their teen years. Whatever their circumstances, they have one thing in common today; they realize the need to return to school. These select individuals finally accept the need to achieve the level of success that has eluded them: earning their high school diploma or GED. Making a solid decision at this point in their life is critical and there are many factors to consider, so let’s get started.

First and foremost is to find a program that will allow you to set your own pace. Think about your goal: Why do you want to show the world that you have your high school diploma or GED? Will you become a high school graduate now because you want to prove to yourself or your kids that you can achieve this and so can they. Do you need a high school diploma to help you better position yourself with a secure higher paying job or job promotion? Is furthering your education with a trade or vocational school, community college program or other career training your goal? With this decision, you are able to begin that next crucial step: deciding which school is best for you. Remember that if you divide large goals into smaller increments, it is easier to imagine yourself able to complete the entire process. Start now by creating a timetable of when you want or need to receive your high school diploma. Remember that if it were “easy” you would have already completed high school or received your GED; accordingly be careful not to place unrealistic expectations on yourself. Next, consider your situational needs (schedule or free time, transportation availability and financial capability). Take into account that as an adult, your days of “free high school” are probably over and there has never been a “free GED” solution. Online high school diploma programs today are a practical solution for those in traditional 9 to 12 high school so they can certainly assist you in reaching your education goals.

Now do some research for the type of programs available that seem to meet your needs based on your specific circumstances (accessible 24/7, 100% online, affordable with study/prep, support, testing, re-testing and document services included in the program cost). In this final step, include a review of the school itself! When you find online high school programs you like, communicate with and research each online high school vigorously. Talk to friends, family, school representatives (online and on the phone), your employer or higher education program to see if the school program you selected can truly help you meet your goals. It is easy to “set up an online presence,” but it is more difficult to develop a recognized program that has real educators, program curriculum and process controls that will work for you during and beyond your time in the program. Ensure the school you select has proper credentials, the administrators are easily identifiable, the student services team is responsive and the school is willing to reach out to employers or other schools on your behalf. It may not seem like rocket science; however, in our experience, there are many schools that will take your money without providing good service and striving to reach your educational goal(s). Saying a program is an online high school is much more than naming your website after one! Good luck in reaching your goals and please consider Franklin Virtual High School in your decision making process. We would be proud to serve you as a FVHS High School Graduate!