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Preparing the Perfect Resume

A resume should represent you well enough to make a potential employer want to call you back for an interview. To begin, select a format. Most computer programs are equipped with resume formats which can be downloaded. Otherwise, programs can be purchased, or a format can be researched by simply searching Google.

Once you have decided on a format, consider what information to include. Having your current contact information, including your name, in a clear, readable font is imperative. Anytime your contact information changes, you should update your resume. Decide if a phone number and a cell phone number are both appropriate and include an email address along with a home address.

You will want to list references with their current, contactable information. Many employers prefer email and phone numbers, but you should also include an address. It is a good idea to contact these references yourself to verify information is still current, and to let them know you are placing them on your resume. That way they will be prepared to discuss qualities which the specific prospective employer will find beneficial to that particular job or position.

Along with references, include any work experience. Choose positive experiences, but be aware that employers will ask about holes of unaccounted time. If you tend to move around jobs a lot, or have a large gap in your employment, consider listing your skills instead of the jobs themselves.

Another important area to cover thoroughly is your education. Be sure to list any specific training, classes, or conferences you have attended which apply to this area of employment. Always list information in descending order, with most current information being first.

If you still feel like you need some help creating your resume, we suggest trying our sophisticated, yet easy to use, resume builder.