Tips on Balancing School and Work

Many students are faced with the challenge of working while going through school.  Juggling both of these life situations can be tricky, as studying and learning are the main goal, however, a student must perform well while at work too. Both can be managed with a few tips and plenty of practice.

Time management is key when fulfilling both roles.  It is very important to be able to balance your time appropriately between work and school.  In order to manage your time well, the first step is use one calendar for both situations.  This will become your go-to tool. By keeping your work schedule and school obligations altogether, you will have a clearer picture of your responsibilities.

An additional tip is to communicate with your managers. Give your managers ample notice when you know you will need a light schedule or time off for school related reasons. This will ensure that they have dates for your mid-terms and finals far in advance and can work them into schedules.  Therefore, you will not have to worry about trying to trade shifts or bargain with co-workers to cover for you. This is a very important time management skill.

Along with managing your time wisely, the ability to use your time wisely is a learned talent. With a busy schedule, a student will find it helpful to keep his assignments with him. Keep your school work in a backpack so that you can take it along with you as you go about your day. In doing so, you will find that you can accomplish bits and pieces of school work on the go. Reading can be completed while riding the bus or carpooling, note-taking can be worked on during your lunch break. These bits and pieces will add up and make a difference in your work load.

This supports the next tip of not cramming. This becomes the hardest tip to accomplish. To keep from cramming, one must begin on assignments as soon as they are assigned. Continue working on given assignments a little bit each day until they have been completed.

Finally, the last thing to manage is stress. Pay attention to the things that cause you to become stressed. Try to avoid allowing situations to build up to that point. It is most likely impossible to not feel any stress while studying and working. Try to work in time for activities which help you to wind down. Squeeze in some physical activity or a half-hour of relaxation to help you alleviate some tension. This will improve your overall well-being as well as your frame of mind.

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