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Adult High School Fast Track

A Personalized Approach To Graduation

Franklin Virtual High School has great options for our adult students. Graduate high school fast or prepare to pass an alternative program such as the GED, HiSet, or TASC.

Our online school provides quick, yet comprehensive, high school graduation options. All programs are self-paced, so you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule (available online 365 24/7). When ready, you can start our MyPlan diagnosis tool that will start you on the most time efficient option for finishing high school.

It is as easy as

  1. Register and take the reading and math placement tests (1-5 hours)
  2. Complete a review with an advisor to determine your options
  3. Get Started! Your future awaits you with a program designed around your needs (Your Individual Learning Plan)

How it works

How the FVHS MyPlan works.


FVHS MyPlan placement tests are used to determine the best Individual Learning Plan for you.

Assign ILP

Based on the assessment data, the system automatically recommends an ILP that focuses on the skills and concepts that you are ready to learn. The assessment pinpoints where you have fallen behind or what subject areas need a refresher course. The system creates classes that provide the specific and appropriate instruction that will help you catch up. Certified teachers review the ILP recommended and make sure the plan is right for you.

Monitor progress

As you move through the classes, detailed and dynamic reports provide our teachers with the tools to identify topics that are challenging for you and provide additional material or tutoring to get you quickly through the lessons.

Begin High School Program

By completing your Myplan classes you will be ready to accomplish what you may have thought impossible... finish your high school classes for an accredited high school diploma or pass your local GED® test or equivalent. No matter which direction you choose, you will have the skills and confidence to succeed.

What is the cost?

The MyPlan exam is $99, but is being offered for a short period of time for free. The MyPlan test lets you quickly know exactly what you need to effectively re-start high school classes or start preparation for the new 2014 GED® Test. Your ILP classes, which are generated based on your assesment, are unique to you. The number of classes and the time required to complete them can vary, but we offer a single price for the program... no surprises. See our pricing page for the current cost of the ILP.

What is the Adult Fast Track Diploma program?

The FVHS Adult High School is an 18 credit career prep program or 24 credit college prep program aligned with state standards for adult high school or accelerated trade/career-oriented diploma requirements. Students work with an advisor to secure transcripts and other possible course credits to develop a specific class plan to complete credit requirements in the least amount of time possible. All subjects are presented on-line in motivational, interactive classes covering Common Core standards. Although all required material is included, students may pre-test on topics and accelerate through subjects they already know. Depending on the grade you left school, you may be only a few months away from your high school diploma (a minimum of 4 credits must be taken with FVHS) plus new trade/job skills.

What is the High School Equivalency Test Program?

Depending on the state where you live, you may take the GED® test or a similar test to receive a high school equivalency certficate. These tests are not easy, especially if you have been out of the classroom environment for some time. Most prep programs are just practice tests and do nothing to teach you concepts or background information. They just repetitively present all the material in a question and answer format. The FVHS Prep Programs, on the otherhand, continue the same online, direct learning approach used in the ILP program. Material is presented based on what you need to learn. Don't waste time reviewing materials you already know. We cover all needed material to easily pass the GED®, HiSet®, or TASC® alternative program tests. DO NOT GO TO A TEST CENTER "UNPREPARED!"


You will not find more comprehensive and cost effective programs to reach your goal of high school graduation. And, everyone gets personalized attention. One-on-one... ALL THE TIME! Remember, FVHS delivers all of its programs 100% online. So there are no extra book cost, no extra transportation cost, no extra sitter cost! If you qualify, well even ship you a new computer to finish the program.


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