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FVHS is proud to offer an alternative to adult students seeking a high school diploma or GED.  The Adult High School "Adult Track" program is simply the 'BEST VALUE' adult online high school solution offered by a state registered school.  Learn, study, and test entirely online and at your own pace.  This program is designed for those seeking real alternatives, desire to graduate quickly, and need to save time & money with a credential from a reputable online school.  

Adult Track - This is the most time efficient option for students that can demonstrate their knowledge and abilities today.  The program is delivered 100% online and in compliance with accreditor and state guidelines. Learn, study, and test online.  Your FVHS certificates can be in your hands before you would receive just the study materials from other programs.  Don’t settle…be a FVHS Fast Track program graduate today.

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Still want about other Adult High School options before you decide.  Click here now to see more FVHS program options.




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