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Course Acceleration / Recovery Program

FVHS can help independent study students in a number of ways: 1) Students seeking "correspondence courses" to supplement their current high school programs; 2) Students needing to recover a single or multiple courses to graduate from.

The FVHS curriculum is aligned to state standards and assists our students to focus on more advanced courses or to make up missed or needed course completion. FVHS courses include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health & Physical Education, Foreign Language, Liberal Arts, General Elective classes and Assessment Test Preparation including the ACT, FCAT and SAT. FVHS will assist you in transferring these completed credits your current high school.

    • English - FVHS Language Arts 9, 10, 11, 12.
    • Math - FVHS Algebra 1, FVHS Geometry, FVHS Algebra ll, FVHS Pre-Calculus.
    • Science - FVHS Physical Science, FVHS Biology, FVHS Chemistry, FVHS Physics.
    • Social Studies - FVHS American History, FVHS World History, FVHS Economics, FVHS American Government.
    • Performing Arts or Fine Arts, FVHS Art History 1, FVHS Introduction to Art.
    • Foreign Language - FVHS Spanish 1, FVHS Spanish 2.
    • Health & Physical Education - FVHS Life Management Skills, FVHS Health, FVHS Physical Education.
    • General Electives - FVHS Art History 1, FVHS Introduction to Art, FVHS Career Skills, FVHS Computer Applications-Office 2007, FVHS Consumer Skills, FVHS Strategies for Academic Success, FVHS Geography, FVHS Psychology, FVHS Sociology, FVHS Environmental Science, FVHS Physics, FVHS Financial Math, FVHS Mathematical Models and Applications, FVHS Pre-Algebra (not counted for math credit), FVHS Introduction to Communication and Speech, FVHS Literacy and Comprehension 2, FVHS Classic Novels Package.
    • Assessment Testing - FVHS FCAT Assessment Module, FVHS ACT Prep Math, Reading, Science and Writing Classes, FVHS SAT Prep Math, Critical Reading, and Writing Classes.

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