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Accredited Online High School Graduation can lead to a career in forensics Accredited Online High School Graduation can lead to a career in healthcare Learn about Online High School online class Learn about Online High School online class
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High School Program Options

Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS) is an AdvancEd/SACS accredited and state registered high school providing a complete 9th – 12th grade online curriculum for either career or university bound students. Transfer credits from your previous high school and graduate from FVHS months or years sooner than traditional schools or take classes to transfer to your current high school to graduate with or ahead of your class.

Simply register now and let an enrollment advisor help you transfer credits and personalize your class schedule to meet your goals.

Career Prep High School Diploma

The FVHS Career Prep Program is optimized for students who want to focus on job opportunities, including direct employment or acceptance into trade or vocational schools. Curriculum includes classes available in most traditional schools plus many technical and voocational classes from the Giant Campus® curriculum. Students possessing an FVHS Career Prep High School Diploma will be accepted into certificate programs and 2-year associates degree programs at community colleges and private schools nationwide. View Career Prep Curriculum

College Prep High School Diploma

The FVHS College Prep Program is designed for students who plan to attend a major college or university. It includes all classes in the Career Prep Program with additional requirements for science and foreign language. View College Prep Curriculum

Independent Study and Recovery Classes

Interested in a class just to “get ahead”, want to take a class for personal interest or need to make up a class you missed or failed previously? Select one or more classes from the complete FVHS curriculum including SAT/ACT Prep, Florida FCAT, Arizona AIMS and Giant Campus® technical/vocational electives. FVHS will assist you in transferring these completed credits to your current high school if pre-approved by your school.  Contact an advisor if you have any questions. View Full Curriculum

Home School & Correspondence School Alternative

FVHS is an accredited private high school and features a quality education and 100% web-based option in the growing home schooling segment.  Did you know that 27% of the 2009 Stanford freshmen class were home schooled?  If you desire the flexibility for home schooling, let FVHS help you reach your goals for yourself or your child.  FVHS will deliver the quality, flexibility and professional support needed.  Our facilitator and tutor programs ensure that students receive the materials, insight, instruction and support to prepare for a bright future.  Our program includes FCAT, ACT, SAT and other critical practice components as well as many technical and trade classes available in the Giant Campus©.  FVHS wants to be your “home school” partner.   

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